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Medical Imaging Supplies & Accessories

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Ultrasound Supplies and Accessories

From diagnostic imaging for men’s and women’s health to ultrasound-guided interventional procedures, EDM carries a wide range of high-quality ultrasound supplies. We serve all kinds of medical industry professionals, with the goal of helping them maintain a safe, comfortable, contamination-free environment for themselves and their patients.

Pull Up Ultrasound Probe Cover Kit
Ultrasound Probe Covers
Ecovue Ultrasound Gel 32 Gram Flexpac
Ultrasound Transmission Gels
Sony UPP110HG Glossy Paper
Ultrasound Papers & Printers

EDM’s ultrasound medical supplies

Our extensive range of ultrasound probe covers suits any transducer or application, endocavity, surgical and more. We carry sterile, non-sterile, latex, and latex-free varieties in various lengths, as well as instruments and system covers such as biopsy gun covers and sterile tablet covers. We also offer many ultrasound gels and coupling agents in our product portfolio for facilities and hospitals to choose from, including gel bottles, pads, single-use packets, SonicPack refill gels, and electromedical sprays and gels.

In addition, we carry several ultrasound papers and printers supplied by trusted brands like Sony and Mitsubishi. Our range includes A6 & A4 papers and printers, with color or black & white options. No matter which ultrasound accessories you are looking for, EDM is sure to have what you need.

Treat patients with confidence

Choose an ultrasound supplies and accessories company that operates with customer satisfaction in mind. EDM Medical Solutions provides high-quality products at the right price, so that our customers can purchase with confidence. Simply contact us today and our team will be happy to help.

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