Endoscope Disinfection Tray Covers

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Endoscope Disinfection Tray Covers

Krystal Polyethylene Endoscope Disinfection Tray Covers provide a practical and effective solution for the transport and storage of endoscopes. This package includes three sterile covers in transparent, green, and red colors, which offer a perfect fit for all container types. The covers are designed to make the identification of clean and used equipment easy, providing healthcare professionals with a simple and efficient solution for managing their equipment.

They are also easy to set up, making them a convenient and reliable option for facilities with high volumes. In addition, these covers conform to the 2016 recommendations for the storage and transport of endoscopes, ensuring that the equipment is stored in a safe and sterile manner, reducing the risk of infection and contamination. With endoscope disinfection tray covers, you can be confident that their patients are well protected and their equipment well maintained.

How to use disinfection tray covers:

  1. When the disinfection cycle is complete, the healthcare professional places the endoscope in a tray with a sterile transparent cover at the bottom, which acts as a mechanical barrier between the treated endoscope and the tray. The sterile red cover that will be used later is also placed in the tray.
  2. The disinfected and ready-to-use endoscope, positioned in the tray, is covered with a sterile green cover. This color clearly indicates that the endoscope has been disinfected.
  3. Using an instrument tray, the endoscope is placed in the "clean" room where all disinfected and packaged devices are stored. The covered endoscopes can be stored for up to 12 hours, which is called intermediate storage.
  4. A label is attached to each cover indicating the type of endoscope, its identification code, and the date and time of disinfection.
  5. The disinfected endoscopes are transported from the "clean" room to the endoscopy rooms. The healthcare professional checks the label to select the appropriate endoscope for the examination.
  6. Once the endoscopy is complete, the equipment is considered contaminated. It is immediately wiped with a single-use material, and all channels are suctioned/insufflated.
  7. The medical device is placed back in the tray. This time, the contaminated endoscope and the tray are covered with a sterile red cover. This color indicates that the endoscope is soiled.

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