Tristel DUO Intermediate Level Disinfectant

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Tristel DUO Intermediate Level Disinfectant

Tristel DUO is an intermediate level disinfectant that delivers maximum efficacy at low concentrations. This product contains chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and has a foam texture that disinfects powerfully and effectively by sequestering electrons from microorganisms’ vital structures, so it can break down DNA and RNA to kill pathogens. Tristel DUO Intermediate Level Disinfectant comes in one box with 6 bottles 8.46 FL Oz (250 ml).

Thanks to its foam texture and its formula, this disinfectant is highly reliable on hard non-porous surfaces and semicritical and noncritical items that need to be reprocessed under the intermediate-level disinfection protocol (ILD). This product is ideal for tools that can't be autoclaved nor disinfected with harsh chemicals such as ultrasound probes. However, it is also effective on other items like cables, keyboards, mammography compressor plates, dialysis machines, and more.

Tristel’s formula has quickly become a top choice for healthcare professionals in the OB/GYN and emergency departments due to its high level of effectiveness and ease of use. Thanks to this, ultrasound manufacturers approve and recommend the use of this delicate yet potent formula for probe disinfection.

Additionally, Tristel's disinfectant not only sterilizes equipment but also safeguards its longevity while preventing cable yellowing, a common problem with unapproved disinfectants.

Tristel DUO Intermediate Level Disinfectant is tuberculocidal in just one minute with no safety warnings required. Its quick and easy formula cuts reprocessing time in half, providing the same powerful and effective disinfectant in just two minutes - compared to wipes and sprays that need three times as long. Using Tristel Duo allows you to see more patients without compromising on hygiene.

With its convenient and space-saving design, this product also provides quick decontamination at the point of use, no matter the size of the area, which makes it advantageous for any healthcare setting and even for mobile environments such as point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS).

One of the biggest advantages of this solution is that when used as recommended, Tristel's unparalleled disinfecting formula - free of alcohol and bleach - is highly efficient against all vegetative bacteria, fungi, and the majority of viruses (excluding bacterial spores).

Contact Time Based on Pathogen Type

  • Viruses (30 seconds)
  • Mycobacterium bovis (1 minute)
  • Fungi (1 minute)
  • Multi-drug resistant bacteria (2 minutes)
  • Drug resistant bacteria (2 minutes)
  • Bacteria (2 minutes)

Dr. Craig Meyers conducted a study at the Pennsylvania State College of Medicine, USA to assess the effectiveness of Tristel DUO foam in combating Human Papillomavirus Type 16 (HPV16) and Type 18 (HPV18). The study showed that Tristel DUO foam successfully deactivated both HPV16 and HPV18, as per the results.

Safety-Conscious and Budget-Friendly

Tristel DUO has the exceptional quality of compactness, which ensures ultimate portability and flexibility, allowing medical professionals to quickly and easily sanitize devices at the point of care. Despite its small size, each Tristel DUO bottle contains about 310 doses of chlorine dioxide foam.

Moreover, this dynamic disinfectant can be utilized on various surfaces by utilizing dry wipes, providing users with freedom of choice and convenience. Moreover, cost-effectiveness is crucial when selecting disinfectants for medical facilities.

This product has been confirmed to be compatible with a broad range of medical equipment, eliminating the necessity for multiple products and streamlining the disinfection processes. Tristel DUO Intermediate-Level Disinfectant delivers a cost-effective, dependable, and efficient hygiene and infection prevention solution for medical facilities seeking to maintain high standards.

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