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SONO Hand Sanitizers

SONO hand sanitizers are an optimal solution for your hand hygiene needs and are ideal for use in healthcare settings. These medical-grade hand sanitizers have been formulated by SONO Healthcare – the makers of the popular SONO hospital-grade disinfectant wipes, effective against COVID-19. This product has been designed for medical settings and comes in two convenient configurations: disinfecting wipes and foaming hand sanitizers.

Unlike other hand sanitizers on the market, this product is made with benzalkonium chloride (BZK). Most hand sanitizers have isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol as their main active ingredient. Alcohol dries quickly and as a result leaves many users with dry and cracked hands. However, SONO’s innovative BZK formula is easy on your hands while remaining completely effective against germs.

SONO hand sanitizers are formulated using a mixture of both BZK and bergamot oil. This potent combination will leave your hands feeling refreshed and soft after each use. In addition, unlike alcohol-based hand sanitizers, SONO won’t sting or irritate your hands if it comes into contact with a cut or scratch. This soothing formula is especially important for frequent hand sanitizer users. For example, many medical professionals may find themselves suffering from dry and cracked hands due to the amount of hand sanitizer they consume on a daily basis, but switching to SONO's BZK-based product can help reduce this dryness.

Moreover, these hand sanitizers provide a strong barrier of defense against germs. The lack of alcohol by no means signifies less protection. Actually, BZK-based formulas like the SONO hand sanitizers have been found to be effective against SARS-CoV-2* (COVID-19) and are suitable for use in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. With a gentle texture, this product wipes away any germs and facilitates hand hygiene with increased comfort. Upon switching to SONO, patients and clinicians alike won’t want to go back to harsh, alcohol-based products again.

*Journal of Hospital Infection

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