Chiba Needles

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Gauge: 18 Ga
Length: 10 cm
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Chiba Needles

This high-quality Chiba-type FNA needle has multiple unique features. Its Quincke-type bevel facilitates penetration and makes it less invasive. As a result, the Chiba needle helps in maximizing patient comfort. The needle’s cannula is also thinner than standard Chiba needles. This ultra-thin design allows the physician to obtain an abundant sampling collection. These instruments can be used for a variety of ultrasound-guided procedures and are ideal for fine needle aspirations of all types. These FNA needles are also fit for thyroid and lung biopsies. In addition, they can be used for drainage procedures and regional anesthesia (nerve blocks). At times, FNA needles are also used for fluid collection procedures.

In addition, the Chiba needle is made of high-quality stainless steel with increased stiffness. It features easy-to-read centimeter marks and a sliding stopper, both of which play a vital role in facilitating accurate depth placement. Each needle is individually wrapped. Moreover, the Chiba needle is available in a variety of gauge sizes and centimeter lengths to accommodate different procedural needs. Its hubs are also color-coded to allow for easier needle size (gauge) selection and decrease the chance of misuse. These fine needle aspiration instruments are ideal for ultrasound procedures due to their inner echo-marker. This feature provides the physician with clear echographic visibility and makes the needle easily visible on the ultrasound display. EDM offers other supplies for ultrasound-assisted procedures such as these, including sterile ultrasound gels and lubricants as well as hygiene and disinfection equipment.

This has been designed as a sterile, single-use medical instrument to reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, it should be disposed of in accordance with CDC regulations for the prevention of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

  • Sterile, single-use
  • Top-quality stainless steel, ultra-thin cannula
  • Centimeter marks and sliding stopper for precise depth placement
  • 25 per box

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