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  • Krystal sterile ultrasound gel single-use packets for interventional ultrasound-guided procedures such as endocavity biopsies, vascular access, egg retrievals (IVF), and more.
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  • Parker Aquasonic 100 sterile Ultrasound Gel 01-01
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  • Ecovue Ultrasound Gel 250 ml Bottle
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The Advantages of Sterile Ultrasound Gel

Whenever ultrasound is used in interventional settings, regulatory bodies and professional associations recommend using sterile ultrasound gel. In these settings, the risk of infection is high and non-sterile gels can harbor pathogens.

Properly selecting the right sterile ultrasound gel can be a tedious task balancing between efficiency, reputability, price, and ease-of-use. At EDM, we selected only the most trusted brands to facilitate the choice of our customers. Our selection includes Parker Aquasonic 100 which is the most widely used sterile gel, EcoVue which is a sustainable and high-quality gel that recently included a sterile option, and finally our own EDM sterile gel that we are manufacturing ourselves, trusted by practitioners for years.

Shop Top Brands: EDM, EcoVue, and Aquasonic Sterile Ultrasound Gel

We offer a wide variety of sterile ultrasound gels, available in 20 ml single-use packets. Since we carry only the most trusted brands, our customers can operate with total peace of mind. EDM Medical Solutions is a go-to supplier providing a wide range of ultrasound accessories along with our sterile ultrasound gels.

We designed our EDM sterile gel to meet the highest standards in terms of hygiene and safety. Thanks to its double-wrapped, single-use packaging and its sterilization with gamma rays, practitioners can use this gel for procedures occurring in the operating room. With cost-efficiency at the core of its design, the EDM sterile gel is available at market-leading prices, thus allowing it to deliver an ideal cost ratio.

The Parker Aquasonic 100 sterile gel also comes in 20 mL double-wrapped packets, ensuring both the pouch and the gel are kept sterile. This convenient packaging, which is easy to open, permits for a precise amount to be dispensed each time. Additionally, it will not stain clothing or damage equipment thanks to its aqueous formula.

The Parker Aquasonic gel is also hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, and non-irritating, thereby enhancing the safety of both the practitioner and patient. Acoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used in medical ultrasound, it will deliver high quality images. Thanks to all its features, this sterile ultrasound gel is the most widely used and has been on the market for more than 25 years without reports of adverse events related to endocavity use.

For ultrasound users seeking an option with a focus on sustainability, the EcoVue ultrasound transmission gel is the answer. This gel, available in sterile form, was designed to deliver a superior ultrasound experience while relying on a 99% natural formula. The brand’s innovative FlexPac design allows for the maximum evacuation of the product and its secondary packaging is made with lightweight recycled materials, thereby reducing its impact on our environment. EcoVue sterile gel will suit hospitals and clinics that place sustainability high on their list of priorities.

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