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Medical imaging has seen profound changes in the last 20 years. Going from simple diagnostic examinations to cross-specialty interventions, we understand the newfound complexity facing imaging practitioners. Our experience in this ever-changing environment has equipped us with the ability to serve facilities across a variety of clinical areas, including gynecology, interventional radiology, and urology. EDM offers your practice the most advanced products in the market from industry-leading brands, such as Sony and Parker Laboratories. Our comprehensive product line has been formulated to meet all of your procedural needs and includes ultrasound probe covers and gels, print and digital media, sterile drapes, infection control supplies, radiation protection, and more. 

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Over the course of 30 years, EDM Medical Solutions has been a leader in the medical imaging sector on an international scale. Our commitment to serving healthcare facilities of all sizes and our unique focus on high-quality products have made us the Go-To for medical imaging supplies. This commitment, which was born in Paris in 1987, has now grown to more than four continents and we are proud to serve healthcare facilities in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Africa. Our diverse experience and individualized solutions are one of the many reasons healthcare facilities across the world choose EDM as their Go-To partner for medical imaging supplies.  

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  • Ultrasound
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We offer a wide range of ultrasound supplies designed to meet the needs of your exam or procedure. Our ultrasound product line includes probe covers, ultrasound gels, and ultrasound papers and printers. Our extensive collection of probe covers has been designed to suit any transducer or application, such as endocavity, surgical, and diagnostic. Because we understand that patient safety is a top priority, we offer sterile probe covers and sterile ultrasound gels that reduce the risk of pathogenic transmission. We’ve tailored our range of ultrasound gels to include a variety of solutions and packaging options, including gel bottles, pads, single-use packets, and more. We are also proud to offer ultrasound papers and printers from industry-leading brands like Sony and Mitsubishi. Our ultrasound media will allow you to enhance patient care by ensuring high-quality prints every time.

Our surgery product line was created to meet the needs of imaging practitioners in interventional settings. We offer a variety of sterile surgical equipment drapes, including camera drapes, microscope drapes, c-arm covers, dome and banded bags, and more. These drapes have been specially designed to create a physical barrier against blood and fluids, thereby preserving the sterile field. Our surgical drapes will not only keep your equipment clean, but they will also keep patients safe by minimizing the risk of healthcare-associated infections spreading through contact transmission. In addition to our high-quality drape line, we also provide clinicians with a range of diagnostic and surgical media that includes monitors, printers, and papers. 

As a response to the need for radiation protection among interventional radiologists, we developed a comprehensive product line that includes radiation protection aprons, glasses, accessories, and storage. Our radiation protection line includes all that clinicians need to stay safe and provides them with innovative, user-friendly designs such as our back-relief aprons. We understand that the design of the equipment is just as important as the protection it offers which is why all of our radiation protection products are made to maximize both the user’s comfort and protection. Our radiation protection glasses offer users a wide range of design options from the industry’s best brands, including Nike and Oakley, as well as convenient prescription options. Clinicians will also find all they need in our collection of radiation aprons which includes lightweight, user-centric designs that reduce the risk of orthopedic injuries and back strain.

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Because EDM knows your patients are your priority, we have streamlined your sourcing process and made it as seamless as possible. As a result, we have designed a fast and easy-to-navigate website that will be your facility Go-To for all your medical supply needs. As we know time is the most important resource of a healthcare provider, we offer Free Shipping on the majority of our products*, as well as same-day shipping, a 30-Day return policy, PO ordering (with 30-day terms), US-based customer service, and much more.

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