Krystal Latex-Free Ultrasound Probe Cover

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Material: Polyethylene
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Krystal Latex-Free Ultrasound Probe Cover

The use of ultrasound technology has considerably increased in the last few years: they've proved their value in helping clinicians diagnose, operate, and perform biopsies, to name only a few major applications. Unfortunately, using them isn’t free from any risks for the patient. Since probes / transducers are reusable devices, they can become the source of healthcare-associated infections if they are not properly cared for.

As a result, healthcare facilities must use comprehensive infection control protocols. They dictate that probes should be disinfected after every patient and that single-use probe covers must be used. Those probe covers will reduce the risks of cross-contamination, resulting in fewer hospital-acquired infections. They will also protect your ultrasound equipment from blood, soil, and contaminants. Therefore, your machine will be easier to clean and disinfect. Ultimately, they will also extend its lifetime, and cut the costs associated with repairs and maintenance.

We’ve designed the Krystal ultrasound probe covers with a very high focus on cost efficiency with no compromise on quality. They will fit your every need, while allowing savings of up to 20% compared to leading competing brands.

Using probe covers can sometimes bring down the quality of the image. Krystal covers have been specially engineered to reduce their potential effect on image quality, ensuring Krystal clear results on every use!

Our ultrasound probe covers are designed for an easy and safe application, thanks to their telescopic fold. Once unfurled over the transducer, the cover is held in place with two elastic bands. The sheath can easily be installed by either one or two persons while preserving the sterile field. At the end of the exam, removing the cover is fast and easy, eliminating the risk of spreading infections.

Three carefully selected materials for enhanced ultrasound infection control

The Krystal ultrasound probe cover can be selected in three different high-quality and tear-resistant materials: they are available in polyurethane, polyethylene, or latex. The latex version is designed for endocavity procedures only, while the other two options are recommended for a variety of applications including biopsies, drainages, injections, vascular access, nerve blocks, and more. The latex-free options are suitable for all procedures involving allergic patients or staff and can be used in latex-free facilities. Each ultrasound probe cover kit is sterile (ethylene oxide), individually wrapped, and contains a gel packet.

Krystal ultrasound probe covers are available in many sizes

Krystal covers come in two different materials: polyurethane and polyethylene. The polyurethane version is especially soft, very elastic, and has an excellent overall quality. The polyethylene option, while maintaining a good quality, is sold at an attractive price point.

Polyurethane probe covers come standard with sterile gel in a box of 25 procedure kits. They are available in 4 lengths:

  • 24" (60cm)
  • 48" (125cm)
  • 60" (150cm)
  • 96" (240cm)

Polyethylene probe covers come as kits, some of which include sterile ultrasound gel:

  • 7″ x 12″ – (18 x 30 cm) 100/box
  • 7″ x 32″ – (18 x 81 cm) 100/box
  • 7″ x 48″ – (18 x 122 cm) 50/box
  • 5.5" x 7.9" – (15 x 20 cm) 100/box
  • 5.5″ x 12″ – (15 x 30 cm) including gel 25/box
  • 5.5″ x 32″ – (15 x 81 cm) including gel 25/box
  • 5.5″ x 48″ – (15 x 122 cm) including gel 25/box
  • 5.5″ x 96″ (15 x 244 cm) including gel 25/Box

The 12″ length is recommended for vascular access procedures (IV or catheter placement) and pain management treatments, such as injections. On the other hand, the 32″ and 48″ are suitable for the operating room, or for anesthesiology (nerve blocks and regional anesthesia).

Additionally, all the probe covers (except the latex version) feature a 3D-end which consists of a seam-free contact area with the lens of the transducer. It will result in clear and artifact-free scans.

Each procedure kit including sterile gel features a Krystal sterile gel packet (20mL) and two elastic bands.

Transducer covers DO NOT replace proper disinfection. For more information, please refer to the CDC disinfection guidelines.

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