Head Protection - Radiation Protection

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Head Protection - Radiation Protection

Keeping the needs of the medical staff in mind, head protection caps provide optimal shielding from radiation exposure experienced during procedures. The head protection cap provides full shielding on all areas of your head from any scattered x-ray radiation while providing guaranteed comfort and safety. It is reasonably comfortable and its excellent quality makes it suitable for daily use.

The head protection cap option is available in two designs: the head cap and the page cap. The head cap design is similar to a common surgical cap and provides maximum x-ray protection on all areas of the head. The page cap design is a popular option that protects the sides of the head from any scatter radiation. The core material for the page cap is weighted on the sides of the cap and features no lead or weight on the top of the practitioner’s head.

In addition, the head protection cap is available in four standard sizes and all sizes are easy to adjust or tighten for securement. Both cap designs are fastened securely with an adjustable velcro closure for ultimate comfort and ease of use.

This shielding cap must be cleaned with approved disinfectants and inspected regularly for maximum effectiveness. EDM understands the importance of protecting the head from radiation exposure as doses of radiation to this area of the body have proven to increase the risk of brain tumors. Protective headwear designed for radiation protection is needed to reduce risk and increase the safety of medical personnel.

If your facility has unique needs which you'd like to discuss with one of our radiation protection specialists, feel free to contact us.

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