Kidney Training Phantom

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Kidney Training Phantom

The Kidney Ultrasound Training Phantom is an indispensable asset for medical practitioners aiming to refine their expertise in ultrasound-guided renal procedures. This multi-functional training model is meticulously designed to simulate practices such as renal puncture in nephrostomies and percutaneous nephrolithotripsies, accommodating both prone and supine patient positions. Its lifelike representation of the renal angles within the abdomen and the fluid-filled collecting system ensures an authentic training experience, closely mirroring in vivo conditions.

Measuring at a convenient size and weight, our kidney ultrasound phantom is tailored to assist clinicians in mastering the intricacies of renal ultrasound procedures. It stands out for its ability to offer clear image acquisition, interpretation, and the hands-on experience vital for successful renal interventions.

The high-grade tissue material used not only offers a genuine feel under the ultrasound but is also equipped with a high-performance self-healing feature, ensuring unparalleled durability. This premium phantom is meticulously crafted for repeated use, maintaining its integrity and quality even after numerous punctures, making it a valuable asset for intensive training sessions.

Chosen by top-tier medical institutions and educational establishments, our kidney phantom is a trusted companion in training sessions, helping users to cultivate and hone the skills required for ultrasound-guided renal procedures. Its impeccable construction combined with its realistic design ensures that both seasoned clinicians and budding practitioners benefit immensely from its use. 1 unit

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