Thyroid Biopsy Training Phantom

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Thyroid Biopsy Training Phantom

The Thyroid Biopsy Training Phantom from EDM is a popular choice among medical professionals, as it is constructed using ultra-durable tissue and is very realistic in ultrasound imaging. It contains the main gland and all of the surrounding structures, including the right and left lobes, and trachea, allowing users to gain proficiency in using ultrasound guidance for needle placement.

This product measures 6.5” x 1.5” x 5” and weighs 25 ounces. Its material is designed to feel like human tissue and emulate the feeling of a biopsy puncture. 1 unit

Thyroid training phantoms are an essential tool for medical professionals and students to practice and develop their skills in performing ultrasound-guided fine-needle biopsies of the thyroid gland. Our training phantoms are designed to simulate human tissue and provide a realistic experience for clinicians. In addition to featuring surrounding structures, they also come with several lesions with varying levels of echogenicity.

Using a thyroid biopsy training phantom can help medical professionals become more proficient in performing these procedures. In addition, they can be used to objectively compare models for improving UG-FNA training. Ultimately, our phantoms allow clinicians to practice their skills so that they can be more confident when performing real-life procedures on patients.

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