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Core Materials

Our core material selection offers radiologists and medical staff the protection they need to minimize the risk of exposure. Specially designed to efficiently attenuate portions of the photon spectrum, our core materials counteract any gaps in protection, thereby offering practitioners a more comprehensive range of coverage. This is achieved in part by eliminating an overreliance on individual radiation protection elements in the core material. Created with comprehensive protection in mind, our core materials use an appropriate elemental balance. Doing so provides the clinician with increased protection and addresses K-edge concerns.

Our core materials are composed of high-grade elements that are conducive to minimizing the risk of radiation exposure. The use of antimony/barium facilitates more efficient attenuation of the photon spectrum below the K-edge window of lead (35-88 keV). Moreover, the higher Z elements, tungsten, bismuth, and lead found in our core materials permit them to more effectively offset higher energy radiation (> 88 keV) as well as cover the K-edge fluorescence window of antimony (< 35 keV).

In addition, they feature advanced elastomers that have an optimal balance of flexibility, durability, and strength. To view the density and surface weight of our core materials, please download the flyer below.

The lifespan of core materials depends heavily on proper shipping, storage, and use. Physical damage and hardening can cause changes in the core material. The average lifespan of our aprons is 3-5 years with moderate use and proper storage. If damage or visible alteration of the core material takes place, then its use must be discontinued. We highly recommend that facilities ensure that they have the proper apron storage in place to ensure the lifespan of the apron is maximized.

The standard lead core material is an excellent option for facilities seeking an affordable solution. Standard lead offers a high level of protection via its lead vinyl material. It can consistently combat the effects of x-ray exposure and has a kV class range of 50-150 kV. This material offers up to 98.3% attenuation and 95.9% attenuation for 80 kV and 100 kV respectively; making it a top choice for radiation protection. In addition, it is IEC certified.

The Ultralite Lead core material is a lightweight, flexible option. It is formulated from a mixture of antimony, lead, and long-lasting vinyl. This core material makes it about 14% lighter than the standard lead option, thereby alleviating potential back strain from usage. Ultralite Lead has a kV class range of 50-150 kV. It offers up to 98.1% attenuation and 95.3% attenuation for 80 kV and 100 kV respectively when selected with 0.50 mm Pb lead equivalence. It is also IEC certified.

The Lead-Free IEC core material is another lightweight, flexible option. This protective material is composed of a concentrated mix of antimony, plasticizers, and bismuth. Its unique blend makes it 18% lighter than the standard lead option and is IEC certified. In addition, it has a kV class range of 50-150 kV.

The Premier core material is the lightest option. Its innovative design is composed of antimony, bismuth, and optimized plasticizers. This core material will significantly reduce back strain, especially during longer procedures, as it is 30% lighter than the standard lead option. It has a kV class range of 90 kV. Our Premier option offers a high degree of attenuation – up to 97.9% for 80 kV and 95.2% for 100 kV when selected with 0.50 mm Pb lead equivalence. In addition, this material is ASTM certified.

The bi-layer core material is an ultra-light, lead-free option. It provides optimal radiation protection via its unique multi-layered design. The bi-layer material is composed of individual layers of antimony and bismuth that optimize attenuation values. By optimizing these values, it offers K-edge protection over a kV class range of 50-110 kV. Moreover, this option is 22% lighter than our lead product – making it the lightest IEC certified material we offer.

Core Material Chart

Sizes & Measurement

We understand the value of a great fit which is why our aprons are available in a variety of measurements. We offer a range of sizes for both men and women. From XS to 3X, practitioners can find the right fit for them with our easy-to-use size chart. When selecting which size is the best for you, be sure to take into consideration front apron length, vest length, and skirt length depending on the type of apron chosen. Our aprons have been designed to accommodate the size of the user’s chest, waist, hips, as well as their height to ensure the best fit is achieved.

Size Chart

Measuring Chart

Fabrics & Materials

Our radiation protection aprons come in a wide variety of fabrics and materials that offer convenient solutions. To better serve the unique needs of each practitioner, we provide an assortment of materials, such as breathable mesh and spandex. Our materials are focused on improving user comfort by increasing natural air ventilation as well as flexibility. In addition, we offer innovative materials, such as Coolguard Air, which enables natural air circulation via air-flow technology, thereby making it an excellent selection with those concerned with cooling.

Moreover, we have selected our wide variety of fabrics with practitioner comfort in mind. We offer performance tech fabrics that come with multiple benefits, such as stain-resistant and fluid-proof fabrics. Facilities seeking to purchase aprons in different colors will be satisfied by our wide selection of options in nylon, ripstop, and wipe-away vinyl. Because we understand that resistance to stains and fluids is an important consideration when selecting an apron, especially for those working in interventional radiology and cath labs, we have tailored our selection to include a high-quality vinyl option. Medical staff will enjoy the convenience of vinyl as it makes cleaning easy and is very resistant to staining.
It is important to note that blood and other bodily fluids can damage the apron and be difficult to remove, thereby increasing the risk of damage to the apron and pathogen transmission.

Furthermore, practitioners can choose from various unique prints to further customize their apron as well as anti-slip fabrics. To increase patient safety in interventional and surgical settings, we also offer anti-microbial and fungus resistant fabrics. We invite you to view our range of customization solutions and see how you can create the best aprons for your facility.

Apron Colors

Make your apron unique with our broad selection of colors. We offer dozens of options for users to choose from. In addition, practitioners can choose from a range of prints to add more personality to their aprons, such as pawprints, camouflage, and Hawaiian print. Not only will customizing your apron’s color or print gives it a stand-out look, but it will also permit it to be easily distinguished from the rest. This is especially useful in facilities with multiple teams or departments and will reduce the risk of losing aprons or having them end up in the wrong storage unit.

Color Chart

Accessories & Customization

Facilities have a variety of customization options at their disposal. In addition to colors and fabrics, you can choose your apron’s binding color as well as the interior fabric.

We understand that larger facilities, such as hospitals and imaging centers with multiple teams may need to easily distinguish their aprons. Our customization options will allow you to do just that and more. We offer convenient branding options such as logo printing and embroidery, plus practitioners can choose the color of the embroidery.

Furthermore, medical staff can select tailored sizing to ensure the perfect fit is achieved and sleeves can be added for those requiring increased protection. Additionally, we offer axillary wings for female users to offer maximum coverage from radiation exposure. Our aprons can also be ordered with pockets that allow clinicians to conveniently place their dosimeters inside.


We understand that eye protection during interventional radiology procedures is essential. Our line of radiation protection glasses provides clinicians with the coverage they need to work safely. Failing to protect the eye area can lead to cataracts, glaucoma, retina damage, and other complications. These lead glasses attenuate x-ray radiation and combat the harmful rays that would otherwise cause damage. Protect your eyes today with our high-quality selection of glasses and shop from top brands, such as Nike, Ray-Ban, and Oakley.


Our wide range of radiation protection accessories offers your facility all they need to keep both medical staff and patients safe. We offer gloves, head protection, and thyroids which are designed to integrate with our aprons. In addition, we carry a selection of protective accessories for patients, such as maternity aprons, gonad shields, and half shields.

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