Radiation Protection Apron Hanger

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Radiation Protection Apron Hanger

Proper storage of your staff’s radiation aprons is crucial in order to prolong their lifespan. Our durable Radiation Protection Apron Hanger is easy to use and securely holds one radiation apron of any size up to 40 pounds.

In addition, this hanger is made out of aluminum for ultimate durability. Not only is it strong, but it is also easy to carry and transport making the movement of aprons easier throughout the facility. The hanger ensures the apron lays flat after use, as folding and creasing can reduce its effectiveness over time.

Moreover, this simple storage method eliminates any potential cracking, creasing, or folding of the radiation apron, all of which can shorten its performance and quality. This cost-efficient solution is an essential part of proper apron storage. It provides the superior quality and protection your radiation apron needs for an extended lifespan. If you have any questions or need customized solutions, please contact our team of specialists.

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