Wiley X Contour Lead Glasses

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Procedure type: Interventional radiology, Fluoroscopy, Cath lab, Orthopedic Surgery, Pain Management

Front Lens: 0.75 mm Pb

Side Shields: Optional 0.50mm Pb strips

Available Prescription(s): Single Vision, Bifocal, Progressive

Prescription Range:+3.50 to -5.50

Colors(s): Matte Black, Gloss Black/Brown Stripe

Weight: 62.3g

Frame Size: 54-17-140

Wiley X Contour Lead Glasses

For protective eyewear that meets the standards of clarity, safety, and style, look no further than our Wiley X Contour Lead Glasses. Modern and adjustable, this pair of glasses is ideal for users who desire additional protection.

They are available in stylish Gloss Black w/Brown Stripe and Matte Black. With full maximum protection of 0.75mm lead glass for the front shields, these glasses are reputable for providing superb shielding. In addition, they've been specially constructed to fit on any shape or size head, so multiple practitioners are able to use them without sizing issues. A valuable optional add-on feature that these glasses can have is the ability to insert side shields securely onto the glasses for extra protection for all angles of the eye. This is particularly useful for clinicians who need the highest level of protection and minimizes the risk of scatter radiation entering from the sides. Moreover, the side shields can be easily detached from the glasses if the user prefers to remove them.

These state-of-the-art Wiley X Contour Lead Glasses are a superior option for protective eyewear and can easily be customized with optional features such as anti-reflection coating, a hard case, microfiber, or anti-fog lens cleaner. The user is also able to choose from a wide variety of prescriptions: Plano, Single Vision, Bifocal, and Progressive. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our team of radiation protection specialists.

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