Wiley X Boss Lead Glasses

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Procedure type: Interventional radiology, Fluoroscopy, Cath lab, Orthopedic Surgery, Pain Management

Front Lens: 0.75 mm lead glass

Side Shields: None

Available Prescription(s): None

Prescription Range: N/A

Color(s): Kryptek Highlander, Matte Black, Matte Black with Rx Trim

Weight: 84.5g

Frame Size: 68-18-125

Wiley X Boss Lead Glasses

The Wiley X Boss Lead Glasses are handcrafted solution that provides radiation protection for all angles of the eye area. With more interventional procedures developing over time, the risk of radiation doses entering the eye area of medical personnel also significantly increases. Proper eye protection is paramount to the safety of clinicians, and these glasses provide a high degree of radiation protection.

They are constructed in an extensive wrap-around frame featuring full curved lenses containing a standard lead equivalency of 0.75mm. The base of the frame is very curved but also contains an additional Rx interior rim that can adjust to less curved lenses. These glasses also include a soft facial cavity seal that can be inserted or removed to prevent any dust, wind, or fogging from the eye area. Specially designed with a one-of-a-kind camo color or matte black, the frame is made from a high-quality nylon material. The glasses are a one-size fits all type of fit.

With the full protection of 0.75mm lead glass, the Wiley X Boss Lead Glasses provide the ultimate protection from any scatter radiation. EDM’s glasses are custom-made to meet your standards of protective eyewear and provide unsurpassed protection and style. If you have any questions or need customized radiation protection solutions, please contact our team.

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