Surgical Probe Covers with Pull-Up – 5″ x 96″

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Surgical probe cover with Pull-Up system
For ultrasound transducers in operating room
Telescopically folded
Sterile, Single-use, Latex-Free
Includes sterile gel and bands
Made in the USA

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Surgical Probe Covers with Pull-Up – 5″ x 96″

The surgical probe covers (or intraoperative covers) are now available with the Pull-Up system. In short, you just squeeze the cardboard box and the wide open-end lets you smoothly and seamlessly insert your transducer. The Pull-Up insert is particularly┬áhelpful for lengthy sheaths such as surgical covers. Indeed, with a length of 96″, they are the perfect solution to protect patients, staff,┬áand equipment in the operating room. With the cover on, the probe and the cord can easily and safely run over the patients and the sterile fields. This situation is common when the ultrasound machine is across from the surgical table.

Intraoperative covers are made of two parts, sealed together during manufacturing:

    • The Soft part: in contact with the patient. Length of 48″. Protects the transducer and a part of the cord. Made of soft and resistant polyurethane (latex-free).
    • The Clear part: protects the rest of the cord up to the connector. Length of 48″. Made of clear polyethylene (latex-free). Holds the Pull-Up handle.

As a result, the surgical probe covers with Pull-Up is highly effective against cross contamination. It will facilitate the cleaning and disinfection processes by keeping blood, soil and body fluids away from the transducer and the cable. For more details about Soft and Clear materials, please visit this page.

Sterile surgical covers come in a pouch with an Aquasonic 100 sterile gel packet and elastic bands. They are single-use and cannot be reused.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Manufacturer: Protek Medical Products

SKU: 103.0008 – Manufacturer Part Number: #2233

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 8 in


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