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  • Krystal sterile ultrasound gel single-use packets for interventional ultrasound-guided procedures such as endocavity biopsies, vascular access, egg retrievals (IVF), and more.
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  • Krystal Ultrasound Gel from EDM
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  • Parker Aquasonic ultrasound gel 100 250 ml Bottle
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  • Parker Aquasonic 100 sterile Ultrasound Gel 01-01
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  • Parker Aquasonic Clear 5l Sonicpac ultrasound gel
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  • Ecovue Ultrasound Gel 250 ml Bottle
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  • AbSonic Conductive Gel for Ultrasound, EMS, TENS and Electrode pads
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  • Acclimate Ultrasound Gel Warmer
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  • Thermasonic Three Bottles Ultrasound Gel Warmer
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  • Parker Scan Ultrasound Gel 250ml Bottle
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  • Parker Spectra 360 Electrode and Ultrasound Gel 250 Grams
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  • Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pad
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Where to buy ultrasound gel

For over 30 years, our comprehensive collection of gels has enhanced patient care and made us the go-to for purchasing high-quality ultrasound gel products. We offer ultrasound gels for a variety of ultrasound exams and procedures, from exams for expectant mothers to peripheral intravenous procedures to endocavity scans.

Ultrasonic (or sonography) gel plays a vital role in ultrasound procedures. Our products are excellent at reducing the amount of air between the patientÔÇÖs skin and the transducer, thus resulting in clear, high-quality images. We also offer ultrasound coupling gels that are suitable for all types of electromedical treatments.

Backed by our extensive experience in the medical imaging sector, our ultrasound gel products undergo a strict vetting process to ensure that our clients receive medical-grade gels suitable for their facility. All products we offer are FDA-approved and CE-marked. We pride ourselves in our partnerships with medical facilities across the United States and are committed to providing the best ultrasound supplies at competitive prices.


The benefits of ultrasound gel

As previously stated, ultrasound gel has conductive properties that create a bond between the skin and the transducer. Since the ultrasound waves have difficulties traveling through air, the gel allows for a clear image to be produced. Its high-viscosity texture is a very important feature so that it doesn’t drip off when the sonographer is performing the ultrasound.

Our high-viscosity ultrasound gel products allow practitioners to scan hard to reach places. These gels, such as Krystal and EcoVue HV, are up to 35% thicker than their standard counterparts. The increased viscosity allows for ultrasound users to obtain clearer and more accurate images during exams and procedures. This is one of the primary reasons why selecting the right ultrasound gel for your exam leads to improved patient care.

Additionally, the most common complaint from patients about ultrasound gel is how cold it is. This is why we offer ultrasound gel warmers, such as the Thermasonic gel warmer and the Acclimate gel warmer. These devices warm up the gel and maintain its temperature throughout the exam, thereby increasing patient comfort.


EDM offers a wide range of ultrasound supplies

Our ultrasound gel and electromedical products are available in a variety of formats depending on your unique needs, including single-use ultrasound gel packets, 8.5 oz bottles, and 5-liter packs for refills. We stock trusted brands like Krystal and Parker so that our customers can operate with total peace of mind. From transmission gels to electrode sprays to certified sterile products, EDM Medical Solutions is the go-to supplier for all things related to ultrasound accessories. Get in touch with one of our product specialists today to learn how we can serve your facility.