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  • EDM Quickship Wrap Around Flexback Radiation Lead Apron - Radiation Protection Aprons
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  • Velco Adjustable Lead Apron - Radiation Protection Aprons
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  • Vest Skirt Full Overlap Lead Apron - Radiation Protection Aprons
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  • Wrap Around Full Overlap Lead Apron - Radiation Protection Aprons
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  • Back Relief Radiation Protection Lead Apron - Radiation Protection Aprons
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  • Buckle Lead Apron - Radiation Protection Aprons
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  • Maternity Lead Apron - Radiation Protection Aprons
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  • Surgical Drop Lead Apron - Radiation Protection Aprons
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  • Tie Lead Apron - Radiation Protection Aprons
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Showing all 9 results

What kind of lead aprons do we offer?

Our lead aprons provide the maximum level of x-ray protection and comfort. EDM’s x-ray protection has been tailored to clinician needs with options suitable for fluoroscopy, interventional radiology, or cardiology. Our front protection, full protection, and patient protection lead aprons are also highly customizable for a unique look in the radiology department.

Front lead protection for optimal comfort and safety

The front x-ray protection range is built around the back-relief lead apron, buckle apron, surgical drop apron, tie apron, and velcro adjustable apron. They ensure the safety of the practitioner while limiting the weight for optimal comfort during short to intermediate procedures.

User-friendly full lead protection

In contrast, full radiation protection aprons like our vest and skirt or wrap-around aprons are designed for maximum protection, even during lengthy interventions. Comfort was not overlooked in their design as we offer a variety of convenient options, such as flexback and back relief belts. These minimize the amount of stress on the back and shoulders, which are especially important for those wearing a lead apron for extended periods of time.

A wide range of materials to fit every need

From materials to fabrics, we carefully select the most innovative, durable, and safe materials to design our radiation protection aprons.

High-quality core materials guarantee great radiation protection

All core materials are available with our x-ray aprons, from 100% lead to lead-free and bilayer. We often hear concerns regarding composite and lead-free aprons: “If I use this apron, will I be as well protected as if I was wearing a 100% lead apron?” EDM proudly shelves only aprons made with approved core materials, thereby offering a high degree of radiation protection.

Lead apron

This is the standard core material and is the ideal option if you are seeking an affordable and reliable solution. Made with lead vinyl material, it effectively shields against the effects of x-ray exposure with a kV class range of 50-150 kV. Offering up to 98.3% attenuation for 80 kV and 95.9% for 100 kV, it is an excellent choice for a radiation protection apron. This core material is IEC-certified.

Ultralite lead

Lead aprons are on the heavy side and can become uncomfortable during prolonged use. This alternative is about 14% lighter, made from a mixture of antomony, lead, and robust vinyl. It offers very similar radiation protection levels and is also IEC certified.


Made with a concentrated mix of antomony, bismuth, and plasticizers, it is 18% lighter than the lead option. Similarly to Ultralite lead, it has a kV class range of 50-150 kV and is also IEC-certified.


This is the lightest IEC-certified core material we offer and is 22% lighter than our lead apron. Its unique design features individual layers of antimony and bismuth, offering K-edge protection over a kV class range of 50-110 kV.


This core material is 30% lighter than our lead option. Being our lightest material, it reduces back strain, especially during long procedures. Designed with a mixture of antimony, optimized plasticizers, and bismuth, it offers a similar level of radiation protection as the other options and is ASTM-certified.

How do we address K-edge concerns?

In order to minimize the risks of radiation exposure, our core materials are designed with a proper elemental balance. We use antimony and barium to provide efficient attenuation of the photon spectrum below 35kV. Lead has a K-edge window of lead of 35 – 88 kV. Higher Z elements, such as tungsten and bismuth, effectively offset higher energy radiation, superior to 88 kV. They also cover the K-edge fluorescence window of antimony.

What kind of fabrics can you expect?

Our materials focus on improving the wearer’s comfort by offering natural air ventilation and flexibility. Created with innovation in mind, they offer many benefits like stain resistance, a fluid proof design, and a wide selection of colors and prints. Select your preferred option between nylon, ripstop, and wipe-away nylon for your lead apron.

Will these radiation protection aprons offer long-lasting protection?

Our radiation protection aprons are designed to last. Our selection of high-quality core materials are mixed with advanced elastomers to offer an optimal balance of flexibility, durability, and strength. With proper care, you can rest assured that your lead apron will protect you for a long time. To achieve this goal, you need to regularly inspect your apron, clean it thoroughly, and store it carefully. If you want to know more on this topic, we wrote a detailed blog article specially designed to help you care for your lead apron.


For more information about materials, please read our radiation protection guidelines. You can also find useful information in them regarding our fabrics and colors with nylon, vinyl, anti-microbial, and Coolguard options.