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Our aprons provide the maximum level of x-ray protection¬†and comfort.¬†EDM’s x-ray protection¬†has been tailored to¬†clinician needs, with options suitable for fluoroscopy, interventional radiology, or cardiology. Our front protection, full protection, and patient protection aprons are also highly customizable for a unique look in the radiology department.¬†

The front x-ray protection range is built around the back-relief apron, buckle apron, surgical drop apron, tie apron, and velcro adjustable apron. They ensure the safety of the practitioner while limiting the weight for optimal comfort during short to intermediate procedures. 

In contrast, full radiation protection aprons like our vest and skirt or wrap-around aprons are designed for maximum protection, even during lengthy interventions. Comfort was not overlooked in their design as we offer a variety of convenient options, such as flexback and back relief belts. These minimize the amount of stress on the back and shoulders, which are especially important for those wearing them for extended periods of time. 

All core materials are available with our x-ray aprons, from 100% lead to lead-free and bilayer. For more information about materials, please read our radiation protection guidelines. You can also find useful information in them regarding our fabrics and colors with nylon, vinyl, anti-microbial, and Coolguard options.