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Innovative and Ergonomic Packaging

EcoVue’s FlexPac reduces gel waste by up to 14% over traditional packaging and lessens Co2 emissions.

Sustainable and Natural Gel

EcoVue is produced from 97.8% natural ingredients and contains no dyes — making it the most environmentally-friendly ultrasound gel on the market.

Exceptionally Safe

EcoVue is FDA approved and California Prop-65 compliant. It is also certified as Kosher.
EcoVue has an innovative, flexible design that reduces waste of ultrasound gel

Innovative design.

EcoVue’s FlexPac® is ergonomically designed for easy use and exceptional functionality. Moreover, the secondary material used in the FlexPac® is made of recycled materials, thereby reducing waste. All in all, EcoVue results in 1.5 million less containers in landfills and $1.875 million in savings for the industry.

Sustainable solutions.

Switching to EcoVue helps the environment, patient safety, and costs. This innovative ultrasound gel has been designed to combat packaging and product waste and reduce CO2 emissions. A simple switch can translate to big results: 60,000 less pounds of CO2 emissions, 1.5 million less containers in landfills, and 800,000 less pounds of gel wasted. In addition, EcoVue is made of 99% natural ingredients and biodegradable.

EcoVue sustainable ultrasound gel