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MIAMI, FL — EDM Medical Solutions, a leader in disposable medical imaging products, today announced the acquisition of ERI, Inc. — an Iowa-based distributor of medical imaging products.

The EDM-ERI merger marks the company’s fifth acquisition. The organization has a long history of acquiring medical imaging suppliers and distributors with the goal of better serving its clients. Past acquisitions include GE’s medical devices division, Numéris, and Ondes & Rayons, a French leader of radiology accessories. The U.S. subsidiary’s strategic move to acquire ERI reaffirms the organization’s commitment to medical imaging practitioners across the country.

For over 30 years, ERI has served OBGYN practices, 3D/4D ultrasound centers, and outpatient surgery facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad. The family-run business has maintained a strong relationship with their clients and high-quality customer service and products have remained top priorities.

Built on the founders’ knowledge of ultrasound imaging, ERI’s product line consists of top brands, such as Sony and Mitsubishi. The company has achieved name recognition with professionals in the medical imaging sector, such as gynecologists and sonographers, for their extensive product knowledge and the personalized solutions they offer.

ERI’s focus on product quality and individualized customer care was in line with EDM’s mission and strategy. EDM’s client first philosophy has influenced its product line as well as its approach to serving healthcare facilities of all sizes. With the acquisition being finalized, current ERI customers can expect the same high-quality customer care they’ve enjoyed for years but with a more extensive product line that includes infection control products, biopsy supplies, and more.

“EDM is very excited about the acquisition of ERI,” said Benjamin El Koubi, Operations & Marketing Manager at EDM Medical Solutions, “This operation will broaden ERI customers’ access to consumable product offerings and open EDM to new business opportunities, as we recently launched a new brand for gynecologists: Femina.”

By expanding ERI’s current product offering, EDM seeks to offer the company’s loyal base of medical imaging professionals and facilities high-quality service. “With similar business models, we expect a relatively smooth integration as we share common knowledge, processes, and product lines,” noted El Koubi.

Aligned with the company’s global strategy, EDM expects the acquisition to further enhance its market penetration in the U.S. medical imaging sector and abroad. The move will facilitate an even more robust supply chain for the organization’s U.S. operation and elevate its negotiating power with suppliers. As a result, the acquisition will solidify EDM’s longstanding goal of offering its customers the best prices in the market.

This merger comes months after the launch of EDM América Latina — the organization’s Latin American business unit — and displays the firm’s commitment to serving more healthcare facilities both domestically and internationally.

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