EDM Medical Solutions is now a vendor with MAGNET GROUP

MIAMI, FL — EDM Medical Solutions, a leading provider of medical imaging supplies in the United States and abroad, today announced that it has partnered with MAGNET GROUP as a vendor.

Through this strategic partnership, EDM will offer its wide selection of high-quality medical imaging supplies and equipment to MAGNET’s 9,000 members at a group price. The group has a diverse range of members, from hospitals to imaging centers to medical schools. EDM seeks to leverage its experience from serving a broad mix of healthcare facilities in the past to meet the needs of MAGNET members. Over the years, the company has remained attentive to developments in the medical imaging sector and has continually tailored its product offering to meet the needs of its clients.

The mission to serve healthcare practitioners is shared amongst both organizations. EDM’s customer-centric commitment, established from the inception of the company 30 years ago, has led to long-lasting relationships with practices around the world, particularly in Europe, where the company has been an influential force in the medical imaging sector. EDM values the agreement with MAGNET as a step towards establishing new and enduring relationships with medical practices throughout the United States.

“This new partnership between MAGNET GROUP and EDM Medical Solutions is very inspiring,” said Benjamin El Koubi, Operations & Marketing Manager of EDM Medical Solutions, “Over the years, MAGNET has earned a reputation of trust and dedication among healthcare providers, and EDM is proud to join the family. As you all know, EDM is all about choice and quality, and this is precisely what MAGNET members should expect from this partnership. We believe this agreement will be a great deal for healthcare facilities, allowing them to improve their supply chain and reduce their costs without compromising on choice and quality. The entire EDM team stands ready to serve healthcare practices of all sizes with the highest level of dedication.”

About EDM Medical Solutions

Over the course of 30 years, EDM Medical Solutions has been a leader in the medical imaging sector on an international scale. With operations in more than 80 countries, our product line has been formulated to give our customers the right product at the right price.

As a nationwide supplier of medical imaging accessories, we are committed to serving hospitals, imaging centers, private clinics, and other medical practices across the United States. EDM Medical Solutions wages excellence through its high-quality products and its customer-centric commitment. We pride ourselves in the superior customer service we offer, which includes personalized attention from our knowledgeable sales team and the convenience of free samples, same-day shipping, and free shipping on a wide selection of products.


MAGNET GROUP, one of the oldest and most experienced group purchasing organizations (GPO) in the country, serves approximately 9,000 members. Founded in 1979, MAGNET GROUP is a specialty GPO with a portfolio focused on capital and small medical equipment, facilities related products, select medical products, HR services, technology and other services. MAGNET GROUP is “Your Other GPO” for simple secondary sourcing of quality contracts.

Participants include all varieties of healthcare providers and non-healthcare entities, such as municipalities and universities. MAGNET GROUP members choose from over 200 no-hassle GPO contracts without volume compliance or bundled services issues and never pay membership dues or fees. For more information about MAGNET GROUP contact Diane T. Mase, President, at dmase@magnetgroup.com.

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