EDM Medical Solutions Adds Line of Bard-Parker Products to Expand Offering to Surgical Teams

MIAMI, FL — EDM is proud to announce the expansion of its offering to ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) through the addition of the Bard-Parker line of surgical instruments from Aspen Surgical. As a leading manufacturer of surgical essentials and infection control products, Bard-Parker has been trusted by physicians for over 100 years.

EDM Medical Solutions is a leader in the medical imaging sector on an international scale with over 30 years of experience. This deal brings together Aspen's expertise in surgical supplies, the strength of the Bard-Parker brand, and EDM's market-leading prices and solutions for ASCs.

Bard-Parker® blades and scalpels are recognized for their high-quality design and strong build. They are manufactured in the United States under a strict quality control protocol characteristic of Bard-Parker and boast a proprietary steel composition for superior performance.

Benjamin El Koubi, Chief Operating Officer of EDM Medical Solutions, explained that "ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are an important provider segment field for EDM, so the addition of the Bard-Parker line to our catalog is in step with our strategic goals. It allows our company to remain competitive within this challenging market by consolidating its position as a turnkey supplier for ASCs across the country."

Through this strategic move, EDM reinforces its commitment to provide practitioners and surgical teams in the United States with comprehensive solutions that offer precision, safety, and efficiency like no other.

Sharp object injuries are common in healthcare facilities, and according to the International Safety Center:

  • 37% take place in the operating room
  • 90% of the time the sharp is contaminated
  • 62.4% of the objects that caused a sharp injury didn’t have a “safety design”

Healthcare professionals that perform interventional procedures can rest assured that the Bard-Parker product line will give them the precision and accuracy they need. Moreover, these surgical instruments meet OSHA standards and were designed with practitioner safety in mind.

The Bard-Parker collection offered by EDM consists of a wide array of products to meet the needs of ASCs and other facilities performing interventional procedures requiring cutting. The line includes conventional and safety blades, disposable and safety scalpels, as well as a variety of handles, covers, and blade removers.

ASCs and other facilities seeking the Bard-Parker line can expect cost-efficient pricing from EDM as well as quick shipping and dedicated customer support. The firm seeks to not only offer these new products to ASCs but to also enhance their shopping experience through easy online ordering and individualized solutions.

Learn more about the Bard-Parker line from EDM at http://ow.ly/WTy950Mwl0l

About EDM Medical Solutions

Over the course of 30 years, EDM Medical Solutions has been a leader in the medical imaging sector on an international scale. With operations in more than 80 countries, our product line has been formulated to give our customers the right product at the right price.

EDM wages excellence through its high-quality products and its customer-centric commitment. As a nationwide supplier of medical imaging accessories, we are committed to serving hospitals, imaging centers, private clinics, and other medical practices across the United States.

About Aspen Surgical

Established in 1999, Aspen Surgical is a leading manufacturer of surgical and infection control products. Its portfolio of brands has been trusted for decades by healthcare facilities across the US and continues to grow organically and through acquisitions. Aspen's brands include Bard-Parker, WriteSite, Greenberg, and more.

For more information on Aspen Surgical, visit http://ow.ly/4x7c50MwlEp

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