Siemens Acuson Juniper

Siemens announced today the release of its new ultrasound machine: the Acuson Juniper. The Juniper, tailored for a wide variety of application, is said to be 27% lighter and 36% smaller than competing products. It is aimed at conventional & interventional radiology, urology, cardiovascular, orthopedic and OBGYN as it's made to be rolled all over the hospital and stored in the smallest corners.

The Acuson juniper features five transducer ports for even more versatility, and a 13.3" touchscreen for fast and easy scanning. It also has a huge 21.5" swivel-mounted display, convenient for all the applications cited above.

For sure, EDM Medical Solutions will provide probe covers, disinfectants and ultrasound gel for the Juniper.

For more details, you can download the Acuson Juniper's brochure or infographic. You can also visit Siemens' webpage.