Producing Ultrasound Gel with Krystal Clear Quality

Healthcare providers are no stranger to the pressures facing our world today. From COVID-19 concerns to inflationary pressures on pricing and costs, practitioners must remain on their toes to keep up with the shifting sands of the healthcare sector.

For over 30 years, we have been committed to being your trusted partner for medical imaging supplies and accessories. And that’s exactly why we created the Krystal product line.

Ultrasound users need supplies that can fulfill three core needs which we identified over the years: quality, cost-efficiency, and safety. We recently launched our line of Krystal probe covers to better meet the evolving infection control needs of ultrasound-guided procedures and exams.

Additionally, through our talks with ultrasound users in the US, Europe and beyond, we’ve discovered that practitioners are also seeking a high-quality ultrasound gel that not only provides clarity during the exam or intervention but that also offers them much-needed savings in cost. Enter Krystal ultrasound gel – our world-class solution that fulfills all three needs with 40% savings when compared to other brands.

While there are a lot of options on the market, Krystal gel offers key advantages in quality and price that make it an ideal choice for your practice.

Our goal is to facilitate the highest level of ultrasound clarity and quality via products that will guarantee Krystal clear results each time. Krystal provides high-quality solutions that not only benefit you and your patients, but also extend the lifespan of your ultrasound device.

Using poor-quality gels can result in equipment damage and alterations in the probe system, causing you to obtain inaccurate images and, therefore, potential misdiagnoses. In order to avoid these problems, we suggest using high-quality products formulated to enhance the quality of your service.

Krystal Ultrasound Gel

We’ve built the Krystal brand on three core areas of concern for ultrasound users: quality, cost-efficiency, and safety. Having those values at the forefront and thinking of your patients’ peace of mind, we formulated a water-based, hypoallergenic, water-soluble gel that does not stain clothes and will not produce reactions in the skin.

Made of 99% natural ingredients, Krystal’s high-viscosity formula and bubble-free manufacturing process guarantee an optimal ultrasonic signal transmission for ultrasound transducers from major manufacturers.

Additionally, we've designed this gel to be dye-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free, so that you can rest assured your patients are receiving the safest option.

Our non-sterile gel is highly recommended for ultrasound exams performed in a variety of departments, including radiology, obstetrics, gynecology, anesthesia, and pain management. Routine procedures like 3D/4D ultrasound exams, doppler, laser treatment, and more can also benefit from this gel and enhance image quality and treatment effectiveness.

Krystal gel is FDA-approved, bacteriostatic and has a unique manufacturing process that uses a vacuum chamber allowing for a bubble-free filling.

To meet the needs of practitioners working in the operating theater and other interventional settings, we created a sterile version of Krystal gel that is ideal for procedures such as prostate biopsies, egg retrievals, and more.

Krystal Non-Sterile Gel

Our high-viscosity formula was created to maximize the contact surface between the transducer and the patient's skin to enhance the reception of waves and provide you with crisper images. This non-sterile gel will give your patients a comfortable and safe experience.

When it comes to worry-free examinations, using Krystal is the go-to option. Our gel is non-greasy and clear-colored so that it won’t stain your patient’s clothes. It’s water-soluble and hypoallergenic, which means that you won’t ever have to worry about allergies or adverse reactions to your patients' skin.

Besides being 100% safe, Krystal gels are the easiest to clean on all types of surfaces and equipment. This facilitates the cleaning and disinfection process, especially if you use the regular ultrasound wipes.

This gel is for external use only and is an ideal option for diagnostic or therapeutic ultrasound procedures. It can also work as a coupling agent for electrotherapy applications such as pain therapy, skin rejuvenation, and muscle stimulation.

Krystal non-sterile gel. 8.5 oz (250 mL) bottle

The 8.5 oz (250 mL) dispenser bottle fits in all types of gel warmers and features an ergonomic steeple cap for easy and efficient gel application on the probe and patient. Each box comes with 40 bottles.

Krystal Sterile Gel

Our Krystal sterile gel has the same quality and benefits as its non-sterile counterpart: it has high viscosity for better signal transmission and improves the accuracy of images without the need to reapply more product.

This sterile gel is formulated to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. It will keep your patients safe during invasive interventions like ultrasound-guided endocavity biopsies (prostate biopsies, egg retrieval) or in the operating room.

The presentation of this product is different from the non-sterile version to maximize its sterile properties. This hypoallergenic and sterile formula comes in sachets for single-use. Each package is designed for a quick and perfectly dosed application without excess.

We designed a double wrap packaging that allows healthcare professionals to maintain their sterile field easily. To make things easier and safer, each sterile Krystal gel sachet comes pre-cut for a comfortable and fast opening.

Krystal sterile gel is easy to use, easy to apply, and easy to clean up. Each box contains 48 sterilized (with the gamma-ray method) single-use 0.7 oz (20 ml) packets.

Krystal sterile gel. Single-use 0.7 oz (20 ml) sachet

As you can see, Krystal has everything you need to elevate your ultrasound practice to the next level and offer your patients a comfortable and safe experience. Our cost-effective solutions are engineered to enhance your images and provide you with a Krystal clear result each time you use our products.

Switch to Krystal today and get high-quality products and up to 40% in savings. Our solutions are not meant only for the comfort of your patients and your budget but also for the integrity of your equipment and to lengthen its lifespan. Try Krystal and start seeing the difference.