Sheathes Ultrasound Transducer Covers

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Configuration: 3D end
Size: 6" x 48" - 10/Box
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Sheathes Ultrasound Probe Covers

The telescopic probe covers from Sheathes with or without adhesive technology the state-of-the-art solution for ultrasound infection prevention. The adhesive box-end makes the installation easy and mess-free as gel is not required inside the transducer cover. The adhesive feature also facilitates cleaning and disinfection, hence reducing the reprocessing time between two patients.

Sheathes ultrasound transducer covers are sterile to minimize the risks of cross-contamination during all procedures from radiology to anesthesiology to pain management.

Latex-free, high-quality polyurethane

The high-quality polyurethane from Sheathing technologies is stretchable, tear-resistant and very comfortable. Unlike latex, Sheathes probe covers won't induce allergies in patients or staff.

The 3D end eliminates artifacts that may form during scanning.

Viral Barrier

The viral barrier technology, developed by sheathes, ensure safety and efficiency during all interventional ultrasound procedures.

Available dimensions:

  • 6" x 24"
  • 6" x 48"

Each procedure kit includes a sterile gel packet (20mL) and two elastic bands. Sheathes ultrasound transducer covers are sterilized with ethylene oxide (ETO)

Proudly made in the USA

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