Endocavity Needle Guide for Vermon - Sterile

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Endocavity Needle Guide for Vermon

The endocavity needle guide for Vermon ultrasound transducers is designed to improve procedural efficiency and patient safety. The guide functions as a stabilizer for the needle by holding it in place during the procedure. Thus, it allows the physician to have greater control over the depth and placement of the needle. The increase in control which the needle guide facilitates also translates to a quickened procedure time. This is because the needle guide reduces the number of attempts and increases the chances of hitting the target area upon the first attempt. The Vermon needle guides are ideal for ultrasound-guided procedures, such as biopsies, egg retrievals, and aspirations, as they permit the physician to accurately follow the probe.

Vermon Needle Guides Improve Efficiency

The endocavity needle guide for Vermon increases patient safety and comfort. It provides better accuracy during the procedure and ensures that the physician successfully performs the procedure with fewer attempts. The needle guide also lessens the amount of time the patient must spend in the operating room.

The needle guides for Vermon transducers are disposable, single-use devices. They are designed as sterile tools and are effective at reducing the risk of healthcare-acquired infections, which subsequently serves to increase the safety of both the patient and medical staff. They should be disposed of in accordance with CDC guidelines. An added benefit of disposable needle guides is that they do not add to the medical staff’s workflow and require no disinfection.

Needle Guide & Cover Kit

The endocavity guide can be ordered with the following covers:

Each kit is sterile and single-use. Only the kits which include a probe cover come with a sterile gel packet and elastic bands.

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Made in the USA. Sterilized with ethylene oxide (ETO).

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