Needle guide for prostate biopsies
When it comes to performing prostate biopsies, the needle guide is a crucial tool to successfully reach your target. This small device that snaps on your endocavity transducer will keep your needle in a straight line, right into the lesion. Let's talk about the benefits of needle guides.

Fewer biopsy-related complications

A needle guide allows for fewer attempts to reach a lesion. As a result, it is less traumatic for the patient and can reduce the bleedings usually occurring in the aftermath of a prostate biopsy. Using a needle guide for prostate biopsies also helps to fight infections. Actually, the mere fact of tweaking the needle back and forth to reach a lesion increases the risk of spreading bacteria from the rectal wall to the prostate. This risk is almost nonexistent with a biopsy guide. Also, this study showed that it is preferable to use disposable needle guides over reusable ones regarding infection control. For more details, you can refer to this article or explore our products.

Reproducible procedures: better results in less time

Needle guides make interventional procedures easily reproducible by making them simple and straightforward. Once the probe is aligned with the target, introducing the needle becomes effortless. Using a needle guide for prostate biopsies will also save you a lot of time. In fact, the trickiest part would then be to find the target and align the ultrasound guidelines onto it. Learn about our five tips for a safe endocavity procedure here. Thank you for reading us today.