Ultrasound Probe Storage Cover

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Storage cover folding: Pull-Up™ - 200/box
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Ultrasound probe storage cover

The ultrasound probe storage cover will protect your equipment while not in use, after each disinfection cycle.

The PullUp™ system allows for easy application and reduces the chance of recontamination. The latex-free Shield® is a soft, stretchable and resistant polyethylene material.

The storage cover fits endocavity and most general purpose probes. It also protects the entire probe, including the handle.

Finally, the storage cover features a designated space for applying disinfection label

This device is a storage cover and is not meant to be used as a procedure cover. We recommend using probe storage covers as part of our 5 rules for a safe transvaginal ultrasound exam.

Made in the USA


SKU MPN Description
Pull-Up Storage Cover - 200/Box
Flat-fold Storage Cover - 400/Box
Manufacturer: Protek Medical Products

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