Surgical Probe Covers with Soft Boot - 5" x 96"

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Folding: Telescopic - 6-3" x 96"
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Surgical Probe Covers with Soft Boot - 5" x 96"

Surgical probe covers are recommended for use during ultrasound procedures in the operative environment. They provide an artifact-free scanning while effectively protecting patients, clinicians, and equipment.

These surgical probe covers come in two parts: the cable cover and the boot. The cable cover is 5" tapered to 3" x 96", while the boot, which covers the transducer, is 5.5" x 12". The boot goes over the first cover and provides an extra protection against cross contamination. It is also softer (providing a skin-like feel for patient comfort) and more stretchable, offering a better puncture and tear resistance.

Pull-Up or telescopic probe cover

When it comes to folding, you can choose between two options:

  • Pull-Up insert: this two-part Pull-Up cover is 6" - 3" x 96" and comes with a gel packet and tape
  • Telescopic fold: Also comes in two parts: 5" - 3" x 96". It comes with a gel packet and elastic bands.

Both configurations are sterile and latex-free

Designed and Manufactured in the USA. For instructions for use, please visit this page

24 covers per box


SKU MPN Description
Pull-Up Surgical Cover 5" x 96"
Telescopic Surgical Cover 6" x 96"
Manufacturer: Protek Medical Products

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