SpringCut Semiautomatic Biopsy Device

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Gauge: 14 Ga
Length: 11 cm
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SpringCut Semiautomatic Biopsy Device

The SpringCut semiautomatic biopsy device is a guillotine-type biopsy device. It features an exclusive design that improves the procedural experience. It is designed to be used with one hand, which makes it ideal for ultrasound-guided procedures. It also allows for increased precision and speed.

In addition, the SpringCut’s stylet advance button remains locked during penetration. This facilitates increased safety and makes the needle easier to maneuver. It also creates more sensibility upon penetration, thus aiding the physician in the course of the biopsy. Furthermore, the needle has a pre-determined bioptic depth (10-20mm) which allows the physician to adapt the amount of specimen the needle retrieves according to the lesion’s size. The cannula and stylet (optional) are also removable, which facilitates the control of specimen size and gives the physician the possibility of performing multiple biopsies (prostate mapping). The SpringCut biopsy device is also color-coded to allow for simpler needle size selection and decrease the chance of misuse. We recommend that this automatic biopsy instrument be paired with one of our needle guides as they are ideal for ultrasound-assisted procedures. These guides facilitate even greater precision and minimize the amount of time spent performing the biopsy procedure.

We also offer other variations of this biopsy device for all your procedural needs. Please contact our sales team at 1-877-220-4567 to order these options:

  • SpringCut Plus: Features a needle made from ECHONOX. This echoreflecting stainless steel material makes the entire needle clearly visible on the ultrasound. It is especially useful when the medical practitioner desires to ensure maximum precision in the biopsy procedure.
  • SpringCut DC: Features a detachable cannula for single-access multiple procedures.
  • SpringCut SET-TAC: Features a less invasive introducer needle designed for co-axial procedures under CT scanning.

Due to its speed and efficiency, these needles are an excellent choice for women's health and men's health procedures, including breast and prostate biopsies. In addition, we also offer various other devices for women's health, such as the Mark breast hook-wire localization needle.

This needle is designed as a sterile, single-use medical instrument to reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, it should be disposed of in accordance with CDC regulations for the prevention of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

  • Available in a variety of gauge sizes and centimeter lengths
  • Color-coded for easier needle size (gauge) determination
  • Sterile, single patient use
  • 15 per box

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