Sony UP-25MD Color Printer

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Sony UP-25MD Color Printer

The Sony UP-25MD is a high-quality color printer specially designed for medical environments. The printer features multiple analog video inputs for standard definition and high definition. It is also compatible with a variety of medical imaging devices which makes it the perfect fit for hospitals, clinics, and other practices with multiple sets of equipment.

This medical printer utilizes a photo-quality dye-sublimation technology which safeguards the durability of the print. The Sony UP-25MD is compatible with Sony’s UPC-21S and UPC-21L paper (or media) series. The protection of prints is an important feature of the Sony UP-25MD; therefore, it seals and protects images against environmental hazards. Colors can be adjusted using RGB and HSV color spaces to match the monitor’s output and enhance color reproduction accuracy. It is particularly useful for ultrasound procedures, such as a baby ultrasound.


  • Dye-sublimation printing: The Sony UP-25MD uses this ideal process for creating high-quality, precise photographic prints. This medical printer creates extremely stable and rich images which have an extended lifetime. Thus, it is ideal for use in ultrasound procedures where important reports must be archived.
  • Choice of self-laminating and standard media: The Sony UP-25MD can be used with two sizes of prints (126 x 96mm and 96 x 72mm) which come in two versions: standard and self-laminating. The laminating print will provide an extra barrier that is useful in protecting the print from humidity, finger marks, scratches, and spills. This is particularly important in medical environments where the print must be preserved. The lamination also increases the quality and appearance of the print.
  • User-friendly controls and front-loading: Access for media replacement is available on the front panel, as well as user controls, which facilitates the placement of the device in compact spaces where only the front is visible. The front-loading feature is ideal for when the device is being used on an ultrasound cart. It is also an advantage for operating room or clinical settings in which space must be used wisely.
  • Predictable print costs: To make it easier for users to budget precisely for media costs, each print for the Sony UP-25MD utilizes the same quantity of ribbon and paper. This also signifies that paper and print consumables will always be changed at the same time; therefore, this efficient system results in an increase in savings in maintenance tasks.
  • Analog inputs: The Sony UP-25MD is able to accept analog signals from a vast array of medical equipment. This is due to its choice of composite, s-video, and component (SD and HD) inputs which provide a high degree of compatibility with other imaging equipment.
  • Color adjustments: In addition to the normal lighter/darker and RGB adjustment features, the Sony UP-25MD also features HSV, which provides more detailed image manipulation and correction. HSV (hue, saturation, and value) will allow the user to increase or reduce the intensity of a single color without the adjustment affecting the overall color balance of the image. In addition, the color settings can be stored for later use allowing for a more efficient and individualized image adjustment process.
  • Designed to fit on ultrasound trolleys: The size of the Sony UP-25MD has been designed to allow for installation on standard ultrasound carts. Furthermore, the feet supporting the medical printer have remained in the exact same position as the previous models, thereby making it easier for medical practices to upgrade without having to accommodate the change in model.
  • Compliance with medical standards: This medical printer is distributed to the US as a medical device and satisfies product safety standards (e.g. IEC 60601-1).
  • Dye-sublimation printing process
  • User-friendly controls, fits on ultrasound carts
  • Analog inputs, compatible with various types of medical imaging equipment

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