Sony LMD-X2705MD Surgical Monitor 27" 4K

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Sony LMD-X2705MD Surgical Monitor 27" 4K

The Sony LMD-X2705MD is a 27-inch 4K surgical monitor display designed for multiple medical settings, such as hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, and clinics. It is ideal for minimally invasive surgical procedures and displays bright, high-quality 2D color images with true 4K resolution. This monitor is compatible with endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras as well as an array of other medical imaging systems.

The Sony LMD-X2705MD’s 4K picture quality provides a clearer viewing of fine details and subtle tonal differences which subsequently give the surgeon a better view during the procedure. Sony’s unique upscaling technology permits HD/SD resolution signals to be automatically upscaled to a 4K view with four times the pixel count of full HD.

The monitor’s intuitive control plan and LED navigation simplify operation. In addition, the Sony LMD-X2705MD monitor brings a wide range of input signal options which include HDMI and Display Port. Furthermore, it also provides a choice of picture modes that allow for greater flexibility in today’s surgical applications and integrated OR environments.


  • Bright, high-quality 4K images: The Sony LMD-X2705MD displays rich 4K Ultra HD images with a high brightness that allows for superior visibility in the operating room.
  • 4K Upscaling: Signals from lower-resolution inputs are automatically upscaled to 4K resolution. This enhancement results in a sharp, natural view that improves the surgeon's view during the procedure.
  • HDR gamma support with HLG: When the Sony LMD-X2705MD is connected to an HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) input signal from an HLG compatible imaging system, the Sony LMD-X2705MD displays HDR images. By doing so, it accurately reproduces the extended range of brightness levels without clipping white highlights or losing dark shadow details.
  • Wide color gamut: The Sony LMD-X2705MD is compliant with BT.2020 color standards. Therefore, it accurately displays a significantly wider range of colors than the BT.709 space.
  • Intuitive operation: The monitor comes with an intuitive control panel that features an LED navigation interface. This allows for easy operation, even in dark environments such as the operating room. It also features three custom buttons which can be assigned to frequently used functions.
  • Compact and ergonomic with easy-clean design: The Sony LMD-X2705MD is slim, compact, and features an ergonomic, easy to hold design that allows for simple adjustment of monitor position by hand. The surgical display’s flat surfaces enable the user to easily wipe off liquids and gels from the LCD panel and control buttons. This facilitates an increase in effective cleanliness and disinfection of equipment.
  • Wide range of inputs: The monitor works with a wide array of signal inputs including Display Port, DVI, HDMI, and 3G/HD/SD-SDI without the need for additional input converters.
  • Auto Input Select: In the case that signals from one input port are accidentally interrupted, the Sony LMD-X2705MD will switch the input to the second port automatically as a fail-safe measure. This decreases the risk of technical error in the course of the surgical procedure.
  • Range of display modes: The Sony LMD-X2705MD comes with multiple display modes including Mirror Image, Flip Image, Picture-in-Picture, and Picture-out-Picture. All of these modes are automatically available via push-button selection.
  • Greater installation flexibility: This surgical monitor can be powered by either direct AC or an external AC adapter. All signal and power connectors face downwards which enables a simpler installation and cabling process.
  • VESA mounting: The VESA-mounting standard (100 x 100 mm) simplifies integration in a variety of medical environments.
  • Compliance with medical standards: This product is distributed to the US as a medical device and satisfies product safety standards (e.g. IEC 60601-1).

For the reduction of healthcare-acquired infections and to increase patient safety, we also offer surgical equipment drapes for OR equipment.

  • Bright, high-quality 4K images
  • Ideal for OR and surgical environments
  • Ergonomic easy-grip design

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