Sony HVO-550MD Medical Recorder HD/FHD

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Sony HVO-550MD Medical Recorder HD/FHD

The Sony HVO-550MD medical recorder in HD/Full HD is ideal for surgical and OR environments. It saves time with simultaneous HD (or Full HD) video recording to internal and external media or network sharing. In addition, this device is compatible with a wide array of modalities and external command accessories, making it ideal for medical environments with various sets of equipment. The HVO-550MD can contribute significantly to the improvement of modern medical workflows which benefit from the increased convenience and detail offered by HD (or Full HD) medical recording. This medical recorder has been designed for use in a variety of clinical environments, such as hospital radiology and operating rooms, surgical centers, and physicians’ offices.

The Sony HVO-550MD offers a broad set of connection options with a range of current and previous devices. It is suitable for storing High Definition (and Full HD, depending on the configuration chosen) videos taken with ultrasound, digital X-ray, endoscopic, laparoscopic, and other compatible diagnostic and surgical imaging systems.

The HVO-550MD stores its recordings on its high-volume internal hard disk drive. The simple menu selection allows the user to choose whether the video is recorded at the same time to an external USB drive or network server, or whether it is burned directly to the recorder’s internal DVD drive. The device’s ability to record simultaneously saves time and eliminates the need to export or copy video files to another storage medium after recording. This feature also provides another safeguard against the risk of losing valuable medical and surgical data.

Furthermore, the HVO-550MD is the ideal replacement for the DVO-1000MD. This model shares the same command set for control via RS-232C or USB; therefore, it provides an easy migration to a hard disk-based HD (or full HD) workflow.


  • High Definition & Full-HD video recording options: The HVO-550MD records richly-detailed HD surgical video at up to 720p and its full HD version can record at up to 1080i with a high bit rate (low compression). This device provides a significant improvement in image quality over Standard Definition recording devices.
  • Simultaneous recording on internal HDD and external media: To reduce the risk of accidental data loss, the device can record video files directly onto the internal hard disk drive simultaneously with a DVD, a connected USB drive, or a network server. This feature contributes to shortening the workflow since the videos do not require exporting or copying onto another device after they are recorded onto the internal HDD.
  • Burn files to DVD: The medical recorder can permanently burn video files onto its internal optical disc drive (DVD-R). This feature allows for convenient storage and longer-term archive of medical data.
  • Compatible with DVO-1000MD commands: The HVO-550MD and the Sony DVO-1000MD share the same command set. This makes it easier to migrate from the previous DVO model and benefit from the HVO-550MD's HD/FHD medical recording capabilities as well as its HDD-based workflows.
  • Wide range of interfaces and network data transmission: This medical recorder is compatible with various modalities, including current HD as well as previous SD devices. The device provides interfaces for HDMI, composite video, DVI, S-Video, and audio. Furthermore, it can also be used with networked data transmission through CFIS to a centralized server.
  • Long recording time, even in HD/Full HD at best image quality settings: The HVO-550MD's high-capacity disk drive permits for long video recordings without interruption, even when it is recorded in HD or FHD. The HD model features a choice of three Image Quality settings (Standard/High/Best) which allows between 60 and 194 hours of HD medical video recording (or between 158 and 348 hours of SD video). The FHD model also offers the same choice of three settings and allows between 39 and 100 hours of Full HD medical video recording (or between 99 and 172 hours of SD video). Each individual recording on the HVO 550MD can last up to 24 hours.
  • Compliance with medical standards: The Sony HVO-550MD medical recorder is compliant with and certified for IEC 60601-1 as well as product safety standards in the United States.

For the reduction of healthcare-acquired infections and to increase patient safety, we also offer surgical equipment drapes for OR equipment.

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  • High-Definition & Full-HD options
  • Simultaneous recording reduces data loss risk
  • Long recording time, up to 24 hours

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