Sheathes Latex-Free Sterile Probe Covers

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Sheathes Latex-Free Sterile Probe Covers

Sheathes Latex-Free Sterile Probe Covers are a high-quality and safe solution for both ultrasound-guided endovaginal and endorectal interventions and exams. Each cover is individually wrapped and is made without the use of latex, making it a great option for those with latex allergies. The covers are sterile, thus providing an even greater defense against the spread of infections. Each box contains 50 covers (or 20 covers with the Debris Shield option).

Since ultrasound probes can come into contact with bodily fluids and other contaminants during endocavity interventions, it is best practice to employ the use of a sterile cover. Our latex-free covers act as a physical barrier which preserves the sterile field, thereby protecting not only the transducer from potential damage but the patient from healthcare-associated infections as well.

The Debris Shield option takes protection to the next level. Designed to provide the ultimate defense against the spread of infectious microorganisms and bodily fluids, the Debris Shield facilitates safe and efficient procedures. The shield is an innovative addition that makes a noticeable difference in reducing the risk of cross-contamination by adding an extra physical barrier between the hand of the doctor and the patient. Choose Sheathes Latex-Free Sterile Probe Covers with Debris Shield for the highest level of protection.

Available in three different variations:

- Sheathes Latex-Free 1"D x 9"L (2.5cm x 22.9cm) Sterile Ultrasound Probe Cover - 50/Box

- Sheathes Latex-Free 1"D x 11.8"L (2.5cm x 30cm) Sterile Ultrasound Probe Cover - 50/Box

- Sheathes Latex-Free 1"D x 8"L (2.5cm x 20.3cm) Sterile Ultrasound Probe Cover with 3" Debris Shield - 20/Box

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