Pull-Up Ultrasound Probe Cover

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Material: Soft
Size: 5.5 x 24" (14 x 61 cm)
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Pull-Up Ultrasound Cover: The Revolution

The Pull-Up ultrasound cover provides a wide open-end, designed to facilitate the insertion of the transducer: Squeeze it open and introduce the probe, easy as that. It reduces the risk of breaking the sterile field.

If you use a 2-person protocol to cover your equipment, this cover is for you. Otherwise, we recommend the Telescopic Ultrasound Cover for the 1-person protocols
This probe cover prevents cross-contamination and protects your gear from body fluids and other contaminants.

The Pull-Up probe cover is available in two latex-free materials: the Soft Cover and the Clear Cover. Both of them are remarkable physical barriers against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

The Soft Cover is made of high-quality polyurethane. This material is soft and extremely stretchable. Therefore, it won't tear and will preserve your sterile environment during all the length of your procedure. While incredibly comfortable for patients, the Soft Cover also emulates the properties of human tissue for high-quality scanning.

The Clear material is made of polyethylene. It is the budget-friendly solutions for all your sterile interventions.
As a result, it is very popular for all general purpose ultrasound procedures. The Pull-Up covers, Soft or Clear, are available in many sizes, the most popular being 5.5 x 48".

The Probe Cover that Don't let artifacts ruin your exam!

The 3D end allows ultrasound gel to spread evenly for a distortion-free scanning.

The following applications require the use of an Ultrasound Cover: Biopsies (breast, kidney, thyroid, liver...), Fine Needle Aspirations (FNA), Drainage, PICC Lines, Central Lines (CVC) and Nerve Blocks

Sterilization of the Pull-up probe Cover Kits uses Ethylene Oxide (ETO). Plus, each procedure kit includes a sterile gel packet (20mL) and two elastic bands.  Box of 24 kits

Pull-Up probe covers DO NOT replace a proper disinfection.

Made in the USA

SKU MPN Description
Soft Cover 5.5" x 24"
Soft Cover 5.5" x 36"
Soft Cover 5.5" x 48"
Clear Cover 5" x 48"
Manufacturer: Protek Medical Products

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