Lead Positioning Gloves - Radiation Protection

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Lead Equivalence: 0.50 mm Pb
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Lead Positioning Gloves - Radiation Protection

Protect the skin on your hands during procedures involving high radiation exposure with EDM’s Lead Positioning Gloves. These leather, lead-composed gloves are designed to shield from direct radiation beam exposure. Ideal for patient handling, they have been designed with patient positioning in mind and make it easy for practitioners to do so during the procedure while protecting their hands.

The soft material of our lead positioning gloves provides dexterity and increased comfort by allowing each finger to move freely as needed. With flexibility in mind, the gloves are one size fits all, thereby simplifying the ordering process. The user is able to customize the lead equivalence between options of 0.25mm Pb or 0.50 mm Pb. These gloves have been created with the short and long-term effects of the hands being repeatedly exposed to radiation in mind. Unprotected positioning of patients during procedures with radiation poses a significant threat to the health of medical personnel. EDM’s lead positioning gloves are specifically constructed and certified to ensure medical practitioners with maximum protection. Our gloves are available in pairs and washable for cleaning.

If your facility needs custom radiation protection solutions, please contact our team of experts.

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