Knee Training Phantom

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Knee Training Phantom

Product Overview

Introducing the Knee Training Phantom, a premium anatomical simulator for ultrasound-guided knee procedures. This advanced ultrasound training tool is designed to replicate the human knee's anterior region with high fidelity, suitable for medical professionals and students aiming to master a variety of ultrasound-guided interventions. 

Realistic Practice Experience

The ultrasound training phantom includes detailed simulations of the patella, tibia, femur, synovial pouch, and the tendons, delivering an immersive and realistic learning experience. It is tailored for practice and skill enhancement in procedures such as periarticular anesthesia, joint infiltrations, synovial fluid aspiration, biopsies, and other similar treatments.

Key Features

  • Anatomical Precision: Accurately replicates key knee structures for enhanced procedural training.
  • High-Quality Material: Offers a realistic touch and precise anatomy for effective learning.
  • Needle Recovery Technology: Supports the healing of up to 99% of needle marks within 48 hours for repeated training use.
  • Practical Design: Measures accurately to provide a true-to-scale representation of the human knee.


Q: What kinds of medical procedures is the Knee Training Phantom ideal for?
A: This phantom is designed for a variety of ultrasound-guided knee procedures, providing an authentic experience for periarticular anesthesia, joint infiltrations, and more.

Q: How can medical practitioners benefit from the Knee Training Phantom?
A: The phantom serves as a reliable platform for practitioners to safely develop and refine their skills, ensuring precision and confidence when performing actual knee procedures.

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