Helix Pain Relieving Cream

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Helix Pain Relieving Cream

Helix is a pain relieving cream suitable for professional use. Its innovative formula brings together the cooling, pain-relieving benefits of menthol and botanicals. This potent, all-natural mix includes arnica montana flower extract, aloe, ilex, and tangerine oil. Clinicians and patients alike will be pleased with how well Helix is able to soothe and relieve pain.

This advancement in topical analgesia delivers temporary relief from a variety of conditions, including sore muscles, joint pain, backaches, and arthritis. Boasting an optimized menthol formula of 7.4%, users will enjoy Helix’s cooling effect, which serves to stimulate nociceptors and then desensitizes them. Applying menthol topically may also activate central analgesic pathways.

Helix is available in a variety of convenient sizes:

  • 5 g packet – 100/box
  • 3 oz roll on – 6/box
  • 4 oz flip-top tube – 6/box
  • 12 oz pump bottle – 12/box
  • 32 oz pump bottle – 6/box
  • 1 gallon bottle – 1 unit

Helix is made by Parker Laboratories and created under stringent quality control policies, so you can be confident that your patients will be using a high-quality, lab-tested pain relief cream. This medical-grade pain relief cream is a move forward towards using organic, natural ingredients to treat pain. Since the Helix pain relieving cream is formulated using menthol and botanicals, clinicians and users can rest easy knowing that no potentially harmful chemicals are present in the cream.

Moreover, the organic ingredients do not detract from the potency of the cream. Helix has been found to be very effective at treating a wide range of pain types. It can be used with confidence in a variety of medical settings, such as sports medicine practices, physical therapy clinics, and orthopedic clinics.

In addition, the Helix pain relieving cream has been tested under time-lapsed thermal imaging to validate its efficacy in treating pain and inflammation. In the test below, the patient’s inflammation was reduced over the duration of monitoring. Note cooling of the treated area as indicated by change in color from red to yellow. The patient received the first application at 7:31PM on 8/8/19 and was subsequently monitored for approximately 11.5 hours.

Helix pain relieving cream test results

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