Helix CBD Therapy Cream

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Helix CBD Therapy Cream

Provide your patients with the power of natural healing with Helix CBD Therapy Cream. This state-of-the-art formula combines a unique blend of all-natural ingredients, including premium quality hemp-derived CBD oil and nourishing plant extracts.

Its formula is gentle, non-greasy and it is specifically designed for pain relief. This therapy cream provides long lasting comfort without the use of harsh chemicals or toxins. Additionally, it has a fast-acting factor that can be applied on various areas of the body, ensuring a rapid absorption and promoting a sense of wellbeing that lasts for hours.

The Helix CBD therapy cream is available in three different variations:

  • 5g sample packet - Non-sterile 53-01
  • 2oz flip-top tube - Non-sterile 53-02
  • 4oz flip-top tube - Non-sterile 53-04

The calming effects and natural relief properties of Helix CBD Therapy Cream are trusted and preferred by holistic health professionals and patients around the world.


  • Long-lasting natural pain relief
  • All-natural ingredients, hemp-derived CBD
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Gentle and non-greasy

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