General Purpose Flat Fold Ultrasound Cover

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Material: Soft
Size: 3.5 x 24" (9 x 61 cm)
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Flat Fold Ultrasound Cover

The flat fold ultrasound cover is designed for all types of general purpose ultrasound procedures or exams: Biopsies or drainages, Nerve blocks, PICC Lines, Catheter placements and more.

With a length of 24", this cover is an excellent solution for regional anesthesia.

The setup of flat-folded covers usually requires two persons: the first one, sterile, who handles the cover, and the second (non-sterile) holds the transducer.

Choose between 2 latex-free materials

Because we know that latex may be an issue for patients and healthcare professionals, the flat fold ultrasound cover is latex-free. You can choose between the Soft or the Clear material.

The Soft material is made of stretchable and resistant polyurethane, while the Clear is polyethylene. We recommend the Soft covers for longer and more complex interventions. For instance, if the procedure requires the transducer to change position several times during a procedure, or if you need to use a needle guide, you and your patient will be more comfortable with a Soft cover. Also, they emulate the properties of human tissue for high-quality scanning.

Otherwise, for simple exams, the Clear cover is a better choice.

Our Transducer Covers protect your patients and your equipment

The purpose of this probe cover is to keep your patients from HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections). It also prevents your equipment from soil and contaminants, making cleaning and disinfection easier and more effective.
All of our General Purpose Ultrasound Covers feature a 3D end, which allows for distortion and artifact-free images.

Each box contains 24 procedure kits individually packed with a sterile gel packet (20mL) and two elastic bands.

Made in the USA. Sterilized with ETO (Ethylene Oxide)


SKU MPN Description
Soft Cover 3.5" x 24"
Soft Cover 5.5" x 24"
Soft Cover 7" x 24"
Soft Cover 9" x 24"
Clear Cover 4" x 24"
Manufacturer: Protek Medical Products

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