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Endocavity Needle Guide for Toshiba transducers

The endocavity needle guide for Toshiba attaches to the ultrasound transducer and helps to guide a needle into a target with precise placement. Suitable for all types of transvaginal and transrectal procedures, the guide will make your biopsies safer by reducing the risk of hitting undesirable structures. This resistant medical device will also save time on your procedures by allowing the needle to reach the lesion at the first attempt.

This disposable guide also features a narrow channel (for 16 & 18 gauge needles) and a wide funnel open-end. Hence, the needle insertion and navigation will be smooth, easy and accurate.
Besides, the patient will experience a more comfortable exam compared to reusable devices. The low-profile design of the guide is less traumatic for patients than competing products.

The endocavity needle guide for Toshiba is a disposable, single-use product and must not be re-sterilized or reused. Therefore, it will save your facility time and resource by eliminating the disinfection process.

Pick a Transducer Cover

The biopsy needle guide comes in 4 different configurations:

  • Needle Guide with a SlimFit cover and a flat-folded cover. Both are latex-free and come with a sterile gel packet and elastic bands
  • Needle Guide with a single Latex-free cover: Flat-folded 4" tapered to 1.25" x 12" cover. The kit also includes a sterile gel packet
  • Needle Guide with a Latex cover: Rolled 3.5 x 20 cm cover with a gel packet and two elastic bands
  • Needle Guide Only

To find the model of your probe, simply check the connector. However, if your transducer is not listed above, our customer service will be glad to help you find a solution

Made in the USA. Sterilized with ethylene oxide (ETO)

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