Endocavity Needle Guide for Esaote - Sterile

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Endocavity needle guide for Esaote - 24/Box

The endocavity needle guide for Esaote transducers suits all types of endocavity procedures including biopsies, punctures, drainages or treatment delivery. Women & Men's health centers and departments value this device for its versatility and ease of use. Indeed, it fits Esaote transducers for the majority of transrectal (TRUS) and transvaginal (TVUS) exams and interventions.

Perform your Biopsies with Precise Needle Placement

The narrow channel of this biopsy needle guide, which accepts 16Ga and smaller, ensures an accurate navigation of the needle for fast and successful prostate or ovarian biopsies. The needle will exactly follow the lines displayed on the screen. This way, you make sure never to hit unwanted tissues and to reach your target at the first attempt.

Besides, the wide open-end will facilitate the insertion of the needle for even faster procedures.

Most of all, the disposable needle guide saves resources to your facility, by reducing the time required to reprocess your equipment between 2 patients. Because it is a sterile, single-use device, there is no disinfection to worry about. As a result, using this guide minimizes the risks of spreading infections. Hence, the needle guide must never be reused, re-sterilized or reprocessed. Please refer to the CDC disinfection guidelines for more details.

The needle guide is a smooth and resistant medical-grade plastic device. Plus, the low-profile design provides ultimate patient comfort
In addition to the low-profile, the guide firmly holds to the probe for enhanced precision and outstanding outcomes.

Infection Control at its Finest

Because we're all about infection control, we bundle our needle guides with the best ultrasound probe covers on the market:

  • Needle guide with Two Latex-free Covers: the endocavity guide comes with a SlimFit Cover and a Flat-folded Cover. The kit is sterile and also includes a gel packet and elastic bands.
  • Needle guide with One Latex-free Cover: Each sterile pouch contains a needle guide, a flat-folded latex-free transducer cover, a gel packet, and two elastic bands. You can choose the cover among two sizes: 4" tapered to 1.25" x 12" or 5" tapered to 2" x 24".
  • Needle guide with One Latex Cover: Choose your cover between these 3: 2 x 20cm, 2.6 x 20 cm or 3.5 x 20 cm. All are sterile and also come with a 20 mL gel packet and bands.
  • Needle guide only.

Finally, if your transducer is not listed above, our customer service will be glad to help you find a solution

Proudly made in the USA. Sterilized with ethylene oxide (ETO)

We recommend this product be paired with a biopsy needle such as the SpringCut semiautomatic biopsy gun or the MultiCore automatic biopsy gun.

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