Baby Tischler Rotary Biopsy Forceps - 20 cm

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Baby Tischler Rotary Biopsy Forceps - 20 cm 

Product Overview

Baby Tischler Rotary Biopsy Forceps are innovatively designed for cervical, vaginal, and vulvar biopsies. Their rotational ability facilitates tissue sampling from all angles, making them ideal for detecting irregularities in the endocervical canal. 

Key Features

  • Rotary Design: Enables comprehensive angle coverage for biopsies.
  • Specially Crafted Jaws: Minimize trauma, ensuring patient comfort.
  • Locking System: Secures tissue samples effectively.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Provides ease of use during procedures.
  • Material: Sterilizable stainless steel for durability and safety.
  • Size: Compact 20 cm length with 2 x 5 mm jaws.


Q: What sets the Baby Tischler Rotary Biopsy Forceps apart in gynecological biopsies?
A: Their size and design are optimized for delicate biopsies in the endocervical canal, ensuring minimal trauma and maximal efficacy.

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