Allis Forceps - 19 cm

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Allis Forceps - 19 cm

Product Overview

The Allis Forceps - 19 cm are designed for secure tissue handling in various gynecological procedures. These atraumatic forceps, featuring a 4 x 5 mm jaw size and a ratcheting locking system, ensure firm grip and control. They are ideal for ovarian surgery, hysterectomy, repair of tears or episiotomies, and cervical biopsy.

Key Features

  • Atraumatic Grip: Minimizes tissue damage while providing a firm hold.
  • Jaw Size: 4 x 5 mm, optimized for precise tissue handling.
  • Locking Mechanism: Ensures stable and secure grip during procedures.
  • Length: 19 cm, suitable for a variety of gynecological interventions.


Q: What are the primary uses of the Allis Forceps in gynecology?
A: They are widely used in ovarian surgeries, hysterectomies, repairs of tears or episiotomies, and cervical biopsies.

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