Switching to EcoVue helps the environment, patient safety, and costs.

This innovative ultrasound gel has been designed to combat packaging and product waste and reduce CO2 emissions. A simple switch can translate to big results: 60,000 less pounds of CO2 emissions, 1.5 million less containers in landfills, and 800,000 less pounds of gel wasted. In addition, EcoVue is made of 99% natural ingredients and biodegradable.

Innovative and Ergonomic Packaging

EcoVue’s FlexPac® is ergonomically designed for easy use and exceptional functionality. Moreover, the secondary material used in the FlexPac® is made of recycled materials, thereby reducing waste. All in all, EcoVue results in 1.5 million less containers in landfills and $1.875 million in savings for the industry.

Sustainable and Natural Gel

EcoVue is produced from 97.8% natural ingredients and contains no dyes — making it the most environmentally-friendly ultrasound gel on the market.

Experience the EcoVue Difference Today

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