Keep patients safer and your CT scanner secure

With studies indicating that 80% of CT scanners experience fluid leakage onto the detector, the potential for equipment damage and compromised patient safety is a pressing concern.

Our sterile drape, featuring a reinforced fluid collection bag, is specifically designed to mitigate these risks, making it a must-have tool for CT-guided interventions.

As a partner in advancing medical imaging, EDM is committed to delivering solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, infection control, and efficiency.

Experience the difference in your daily operations. Elevate your standard of care with our CT Scanner Sterile Drape.

Advanced Fluid Management

The dual-layer construction is capable of absorbing and securely containing up to 3 liters of fluid. This feature not only maintains a cleaner work area but also significantly reduces the likelihood of equipment contamination.

Enhanced Infection Control

In the current healthcare environment, preventing cross-contamination is more critical than ever. The CT Scanner Sterile Drape acts as a vital barrier, safeguarding against the transfer of pathogens between patients and contributing to overall patient safety. It also protects equipment from damage caused by blood and/or other bodily fluids.