Endocavity Non-Sterile Exam Bundle (150+Exams)

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Introducing our Endocavity Exam Bundle (Non-Sterile) - a perfect combination of items specifically designed to ensure the smooth operation of non-sterile ultrasound exams, particularly in Ob/Gyn settings.

Enjoy a $30 discount when you purchase this bundle!

It features three essential ultrasound supplies: Parker Protex disinfection wipes, Krystal ultrasound gel, and Krystal latex endocavity probe covers.

  • Parker Protex Disinfectant Wipes: These pre-moistened, soft, and durable wipes are designed for the effective disinfection of ultrasound equipment, ensuring a clean and safe environment. They are alcohol-free, bleach-free, and solvent-free, making them safe for all surfaces while eliminating harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Krystal Non-Sterile Ultrasound Gel: This water-soluble, hypoallergenic gel enhances the clarity of ultrasound images by reducing air pockets between the transducer and the skin. Its non-staining formula ensures easy cleanup, and it's also acoustically correct for a broad range of frequencies used in medical ultrasound applications.
  • Krystal Latex Endocavity Probe Covers: These high-quality, reliable probe covers are designed to provide an effective sanitary barrier between the patient and the ultrasound probe, reducing cross-contamination risk and ensuring patient comfort during the procedure. Together, these items form an indispensable trio for any healthcare professional conducting non-sterile ultrasound exams.

With this bundle, you can focus on providing top-notch care for your patients, knowing that you're well-equipped with quality, trusted products. Don't miss out on this ideal combination for your practice!

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