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Procedure type: Interventional radiology, Fluoroscopy, Cath lab

Protection type: Full (some options come with overlap)

Lead equivalence: 0.50 and 0.35 mm Pb

Closure type: Velcro & Buckles

Core Material Options: Lead, Ultralite Lead, Lead-Free, Premier, Bilayer

Included Options: Thyroid Collar, Embroidery, Pocket, Print fabrics

Included Add-ons: Anti-Slip Fabric, Buckle Set, Flex Elastic band in the back of the apron to transfer the weight from the shoulder to the hips

Custom Add-ons: Axillary wings to cover breast area for female users, sleeves, large pocket, side extensions

Vest and Skirt Apron

For a full protection option against radiation, the vest and skirt apron is an excellent choice for shielding the front and back side. This top and bottom set worn together creates additional protection from any excessive amount of scatter radiation.  Made with non-slip material, the high-quality texture of the fabric ensures an easier grasp on the apron so that it does not slide during any procedure. 

Because this full protection gear involves two pieces, there are multiple buckles for tight closures located on both the vest and skirt that are¬†changeable per the practitioner‚Äôs preference. In addition, the skirt comes with a buckle which goes over the velcro to minimize movement and loosening of the closure during the procedure. Unlike other radiation aprons, the vest and skirt option is easier on the user’s back as the weight is divided between the two pieces, thereby shifting some weight to the back and some to hips. ¬†The regular vest and skirt apron includes two .50 mm pB panels which provide a total of 1 mm of radiation protection upon overlapping in the middle portion of the front.¬†

All options include a thyroid collar. Lead times are 2-3 weeks. For facilities that need quicker delivery, an expedited option is available.

Full Overlap Apron

For maximum protection and comfort, the Vest & Skirt Overlap Apron is an excellent shielding option for consistent, guaranteed protection from radiation. This apron features two front panels shielding the chest area along with the two piece vest and apron. This option offers a total of .50 mm protection at the point of overlap in contrast with the regular vest and skirt which offers As a result, the two .25mm panels make the full overlap apron lighter than the regular option. Although it provides less protection than the regular apron, it increases comfort by reducing the weight placed on the user. The belt closes along the front with a velcro fabric that makes it easy to put on, take off, and adjust. The velcro closure is particularly useful during extended procedures where the skirt begins to loosen over time by allowing the user to easily re-adjust it, thereby ensuring that the skirt remains securely fastened.

Flexback Apron

The Vest & Skirt Flexback Apron set comes with a lightweight vest and skirt that is secured with a durable, elastic support belt. The belt system is specialized to support the back area minimizing any discomfort while wearing the apron for prolonged hours. The practitioner can adjust this belt system and configure how much back support they prefer by loosening or tightening the inner portion of the belt. Medical staff can customize their fit for this apron for maximum comfort. With the vest containing a standard total of 1.0 mm Pb, the panels provide consistent radiation protection. The skirt protects the lower half of the body with a high-quality fabric that ensures the skirt will not move or slide to one area over another. The skirt is pictured to be underneath the vest around the hip area with the belt system securely tightened over the front. This set includes multiple closures that are all are adjustable for medical staff. Warranty on this radiation protection apron includes 2 full years covering any defective parts or workmanship.

Flexback Full Overlap Apron

The Vest & Skirt Flexback Full Overlap apron combines the elements of the flexback apron and the full overlap apron to ensure full protection of the front and back while providing relief to the user’s back. This set includes the vest, skirt, and a durable belt for extra back support. The vest includes the two panels of 0.50mm Pb that overlap one another in the front when closed. Both sides of the skirt are also overlapped along the front once closed.

Tri-tab Vest Skirt Apron

The Tri-tab is a popular option for vest and skirt combinations. The apron’s easy-on and easy-off multi-tab velcro closure design makes it easy to use. It features closures on the left shoulder as well as around the hips. The third tab on the apron permits for a snugger fit, thereby increasing user comfort. ¬†In addition, this option comes with a Flexback design that allows the apron to “flex” the weight from the user’s shoulders to the hips. Its elastic back facilitates a flexible fit which facilitates back strain reduction. By reducing excess overlapping lead, the Tri-tab Vest Skirt apron is up to 10% lighter than traditional vest options. The Tri-tab’s innovative design makes it the most popular option for radiation protection as it provides maximum back-relief.

Fully customizable aprons

EDM offers additional features that can be customized onto this two-piece set for further coverage and protection. Extra material can be added underneath the arm area and around the chest area such as axillary wings. Side extensions can also be included for the apron to be widened around the hip area for any needed extra coverage as well. A large, wide pocket can also be included onto the apron for storage of any small items/tools.

Configuration options are unlimited. If you can’t find your desired apron on our website, please contact us.


Download the apron size chart

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Radiation Protection Aprons & Accessories usually ship within 3 weeks from the purchase date. We send email notifications as soon as the order ships. Our preferred shipping companies are UPS and FedEx. However, we reserve the right to change the company without notice.

Customers can opt for a Rush Order option for an extra charge of $45. Rush orders are processed within 1 to 2 weeks.


Due to the unique customization options being offered for Aprons and Accessories, these are non-exchangeable, non-returnable, and non-refundable. All sales are final.


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