Director Needle Guide Sterile


Director‚ĄĘ General Purpose needle guide
Sterile, single use

Does not contain bracket

Made in the USA


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Director Needle Guide

The Director Needle Guide will help the physician to perform the following procedures successfully: soft tissue biopsies, liver biopsies, aspirations, drainages, regional anesthesia and vascular access. This general purpose needle guide ensures that the needle stays in the plane of the ultrasound beam. Therefore, It allows for clear visual needle placement in any situation or procedure.

Rely on the Guide for Better Results

The needle guide attaches securely to the mounting bracket (sold separately). It is color-coded to match the needle gauge.
The guide will save time and resources, by reducing the number of attempts to reach your target. It will also decrease the risks of hitting unwanted areas.
Besides, the Director needle guide features a convenient, quick-release pad, designed to take the transducer away while leaving the needle in the targeted area.
The guide is gauge-specific and is available for needles ranging from 13 thru 23 gauge, and 25 gauge.

Needle Guide Only or Procedure Kit

Two versions are available:

Finally, If you need help finding a bracket for your transducer, please contact our customer service.

This device is a disposable, single-use product, and therefore must not be re-sterilized or reused.

Made in the USA. Does not contain latex

24 single-use guides per box

Manufacturer: Protek Medical Products

SKU: 301.0001 РManufacturer Part Number: #4013

SKU: 301.0002 РManufacturer Part Number: #4014

SKU: 301.0003 РManufacturer Part Number: #4015

SKU: 301.0004 РManufacturer Part Number: #4016

SKU: 301.0005 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4017

SKU: 301.0006 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4018

SKU: 301.0007 РManufacturer Part Number: #4019

SKU: 301.0008 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4020

SKU: 301.0009 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4021

SKU: 301.0010 РManufacturer Part Number: #4022

SKU: 301.0011 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4023

SKU: 301.0012 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4025

SKU: 301.0013 РManufacturer Part Number: #4013

SKU: 301.0014 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4014

SKU: 301.0015 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4015

SKU: 301.0016 РManufacturer Part Number: #4016

SKU: 301.0017 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4017

SKU: 301.0018 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4018

SKU: 301.0019 РManufacturer Part Number: #4019

SKU: 301.0020 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4020

SKU: 301.0021 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4021

SKU: 301.0022 РManufacturer Part Number: #4022

SKU: 301.0023 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4023

SKU: 301.0024 – Manufacturer Part Number: #4023

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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