Mobile Valet Apron Rack




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Mobile Valet Apron Rack

Maintain an organized, convenient storage area for all of your radiation aprons with the Mobile Valet Apron Rack Uniquely designed to hold a variety of aprons, it will store your radiation aprons and easily transport them. This rack is an excellent storage option to make sure each apron maintains their effectiveness by not folding and damaging them.

To store a large number of radiation aprons, this Mobile Valet Apron Rack is an ideal option that can safely hold and organize up to 15 aprons. This rack keeps the aprons unfolded and durable when stored on the rack. It is designed to be easily put together, as it includes 4 screws for tight securement. Weighing approximately 90 pounds, the rack is constructed with smooth roll casters for medical staff to swiftly move it if needed.

Made with high-quality industrial steel, the durability of this rack is long-lasting and reliable. Its design provides an optimal solution for medical staff with an extensive amount of radiation aprons. Thus, it is especially ideal for larger radiology departments and facilities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team of radiation protection specialists.

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Weight 40 lbs


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